The PrestShop shop system is now as an innovative online shop solution for Web 2.0. More and more medium-sized companies want to sell their products online and open your own online shop for this purpose. In a strong competitive environment, factors such as the presentation and the viral marketing of products play a crucial role in the dissemination of the offer on the Internet. The selection of a modern and interactive shop system is therefore central to building a successful sales on the Internet. By its latest AJAX technology and its many Web 2.0 features the PrestShop shop system offers a concentrate of Produktdarstellungs – and marketing benefits, flexible and easily maintained under a platform. Functions such as Kundenloyalitats – and customer referral programs, as well as product bookmarking and reviews include among others the strong features of this system.

Continue to PrestShop enable compact, clear and focused presentation of product information through the synchronization of product variations and images, modular use flashcards with tabs for product details, as well as advanced zoom functions for images. PrestShop allows merchants to showcase your products with added value for the customers, and offers customers different ways with others about to communicate products an efficient tool in the time of interactive Web 2.0 on the part of search engine optimization is the shop system with latest features such as URL rewriting, tag Clou thing or METAS capture equipped to targeted position online shop pages for search engines. For a perfect use in Germany, our Internet Agency has optimized the shop system for the specific requirements of the market and offers complete and customized implementation of online shops now on request based on this system. Still, the agency designed online marketing measures for the sustainable increase of Besuchertraffics and the purchase conversion for online retailers.