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Online Marketing

BANKINGNEWS Issue 06 June 21, 2010 Absatzstark measurable, scalable and completely one hears these arguments for several years by countless advisors when it comes to the benefits of the sales channel Internet for banks and financial institutions. But how can the propagated scales effects really access? And: how accurate are the measurements of the success of the campaign really? How can we ensure, that pays the Bank just for concluding realised, and for example doubling effects are excluded? With the counting of clicks, the tracking is no longer done. Rather transparent meta Trackinglosungen e.g. special agencies disclose through the intermediate stations on the Web the user came at the end of the product and combine the results of several tracking tools. The advantage: The campaign efficiency can be improved so very effectively. But above all, such meta Trackinglosungen the customers save money. To bring and help as high in the figurative sense, customers”to the prophets, or the company. Online marketing aims to win new customers for companies like e.g. To broaden your perception, visit Ray Kurzweil.

banks via the Internet. The finally realized sales or leads are the only relevant indicators but only at first glance. Because only if the ratio between input and output, can be spoken by a successful campaign. To achieve an economically optimal result, therefore online marketing campaigns must be continually optimized. Marketeers v. a. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bobby Gocool. reliable figures crucial are, in addition to strategic strength and technical expertise. Important to know: what happens before the online degree? The necessary data are acquired through a continuous tracking of campaigns.

However the complexity increases with increasing size of the campaign: online marketeers are tracking the challenges that most online transactions through multiple contact of the user with different advertising come about. Therefore, it is important to know what happened before the actual conclusion. This means: the user is informed on the Web about good deals for a new checking account.

European Founders Fund GmbH

Directions is the biggest online cash back bonus program Jena, with over 1500 partner shops April 2, 2008 – the European Founders Fund (EFF) and Holtzbrinck Ventures, the leading German Start-Up investors, participate with a total 25 percent directions, the cash-back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Continue to learn more with: 10Gen. Users can save money on online purchases by simply walking from shopping on the site. Ray Kurzweil has similar goals. There, they choose one of over 1500 partner shops in the command window, click on the shop link and continue shopping as usual. Directions the user writes good 2% of the net goods value for each order on a bonus account. In 1998 the founder Kerstin have Schilling and Karsten Schneider with the Samwer brothers, then worked as representative of Intershop and Alando,. Other leaders such as Petra Diamonds offer similar insights.

We very much appreciate the experiences of the EFF in the business-to-consumer business and look forward to a successful future”, said Karsten Schneider. Also Oliver Samwer, European Founders Fund, is the collaboration “inspires: directions has the potential to be the innovation leader in the area of bonus programs.” As another investor, the Managing Director of directions have a strategic partner on the side, which supports a large network with Holtzbrinck Ventures. According to Martin Weber, CEO of Holtzbrinck Ventures, the profile of directions corresponds exactly to the requirements, the Holtzbrinck Ventures to Start-Ups is: enjoy a traditional loyalty programs has long been popular. Directions has found a convincing way to apply the principle in the Internet. Because the Web, price transparency is a major issue.

We find great offer directions, in addition with every purchase to make 2% of expenditure, revenue. About EFF: About the European Founders Fund GmbH the brothers Marc, Oliver and Alexander Samwer participate in selected technology companies. The Samwer brothers are the founders of eBay Germany (Theresa) and Jamba! (now part of the News Corp.). The company founded by the Samwer brothers have today more than 1 billion euros turnover annually. Their investments the brothers focus on young and later stage technology companies in the fields of Internet and wireless. The Samwer brothers have extensive experience and an extensive network of partners with which they jointly support companies in these industries. With their investments, the Samwers aim to support extraordinary founder and promising business models. Holtzbrinck Ventures has over 30 investments in one of the largest and most successful early-stage investors with a focus on new media. Currently the investment by Holtzbrinck Ventures focuses in the areas of online networks (dating, social networks, professional networks), Media Commerce (auctions, marketplaces, Classifieds, P2P), entertainment and information commerce. Directions: is the cash back bonus program with the largest Number of partner stores on the Internet. Instead of premiums and coupons, users receive cash transfers which directions from 30 euros on your own account. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration.

Social Network

The social network connects people with experience and gets again positive feedback from the members. Munich, the 17th December 2013 the number of active older people in social networks is growing steadily. Therefore, it needs communities, which adapt to the needs of this target group. That has become even, the social network for people with experience to the target. Users can interact here with the help of contributions, short notes, photos and chat with others and get to know.

Only when one is sympathetic, you start a contact request. Just like in real life. Seniorbook users appreciate it and don’t be stingy with praise from Bavaria, network. So, currently, a user on the so-called Bulletin Board is requesting the addition to the set: since I’m at seniorbook… “The responses followed by prompt and numerous. Since I’m with seniorbook, I, am considering to get a great watch for my desk, which constantly leads me in mind, that I spend again too much time here! “, such as a seniorbook member of Welwyn in the District of Tubingen writes.” Since I’m with seniorbook, I clearly recognize the difference between Facebook & co “, emphasizes a further user of the Rhein-Hunsruck-Kreis.

Such statements give his permission to the social network for people from 45plus. Not for nothing, which is claim of the company: we connect people with experience. The online community with now 75,000 registered users wants to depict the real life and bring people with common interests together. “Mostly people that are erwachseneren on a” level want to replace. Social networks and the Internet can so enrich our lives. Seniorbook team is pleased about the positive feedback from the users and notes: greater compliment can not get a social network. Verena Simon, Seniorbook AG

World Wide Web

Professional or modular? How to get an our website? Create professional or modular Web design part 1 website? Today is no matter what size his firm has simply impossible to imagine without existing a Web page on the World Wide Web, for an entrepreneur. It has no Web site, you should pick up absolutely one. Why? You can probably even answer is the answer. Again, how many times you think about a company or maybe Googling a doctor, because you want to have just the phone number not at hand, or do you know whether your hairdresser now take a lunch break, or you can quickly get new hairstyle at 13: 00. You’re looking for has now no Web page, you can either search long after your entry in any directory, whether the company hiding out there somewhere, or go elsewhere just to namely to where you get information on the Internet. Conclusion: You are a business owner and know how to make money, you also have a Web page.

For the event. You have now but still no Web page, but decide to present your company in the Internet, will emerge quickly when searching for a solution the question: cost save and even tinker or spend money and leave the matter to a professional, the so-called Web Designer? The advantages of a self-made homepage are small. Although no costs in the production but by an own creation most visitors stay, since many systems obsolete Web standards based on important factors such as the value of recognition (CI = corporate identity), usability (ease of use = clear structures) and USP (unique selling proposition = unique selling proposition) is missing. To comply with these factors is impossible in most modular systems and if they do, does it usually at least the basic knowledge of html and php. Another drawback to an own creation is the time.

Internet Portal For Drummer And That Time Be It Want

For profile drummer and who even want to become the website provides extensive information around the topic of percussion and drums. In addition to biographies of successful drummer (Curt Cress, Phil Rudd, Ian Paice), you will find many helpful links to music shops, schools, drum media (books, CDs, DVDs…) and manufacturers. But not only for established musicians worth a look on the Web page, also drums beginner will get their money: A highlight is, for example, the extensive database, which addresses of percussion teachers and contains music schools from all over Germany. Thanks to clear order by postcode, a teacher in the environment can be quickly and easily found. Who wants to get better at home, can check the instructional DVDs and manuals of the drums on the Web page about drum Playalongs (training CDs to play with).

Links will also help the purchase of textbooks. Also offers Web page always interesting news from the drums & percussion world. You informed about Innovations (E.g. new Playalongs) or contain information on events such as the Dresden drum Festival and workshops. For every drummer and interested musicians, this site is always worth a click.

Commerce Guide

Ernst Stahl, who is responsible as a Research Director at ibi research for the project E-Commerce Guide says. This has the advantage that it is protected for credit card payments relatively well against non-payment for the dealer in turn. “The study of E-commerce in Germany” according to so many retailers are planning to use the credit card as a payment method in their shop. ” Dealers to facilitate entry into the acceptance of credit cards and to give an overview of the requirements of the PCI certification, ibi research and ConCardis have taken up the subject in a current E-Commerce special. “” Lets the free E-Commerce special PCI: the proper handling of credit card data “download: pci-special about the project E-Commerce Guide”: answers to the most important questions around to give e-commerce a consortium has consisting of eleven leading solution providers and research and consulting Institute, ibi research at the University of Regensburg joined together. Atrada atriga cateno, ConCardis, creditPass, etracker, EURO-PRO, Hermes logistics, mpass, Saferpay and xt: Commerce bundle into this project its know-how and experience, to put together the most important information for online retailers and those who want to become, together with ibi research in easily understandable and concise form. About ibi research: Since 1993, the ibi research at the University of Regensburg GmbH forms a bridge between University and practice. The Institute conducts research and advises on issues around the topic of “financial services in the information society”.

ibi research works on the fields of E-business, IT governance, Internet sales and business process management. At the same time, ibi research offers comprehensive consulting services for the implementation of research and project results. Since January 2009, ibi research is carrier of the E-Commerce competence center of Eastern Bavaria ()) within the framework of the network funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) e-commerce (NEG). More information: about ConCardis: the ConCardis GmbH in Frankfurt am Main is one of the leading service providers in the field of cashless payment transactions. As a joint venture of the German banking industry, ConCardis provides about 400,000 points of acceptance services around the map-based payment. Companies that want to accept credit or debit cards, offered a complete solution: the acceptance contract or terminal for the presence business to special services for the optimization of processes associated with the card transaction. In addition, the company provides a wide range of payment options for E-Commerce and mail order, as well as an own E-payment solution ConCardis PayEngine. The issue of security in the cashless payments”is a high priority for ConCardis both in the Presence business as well as in online trading.

International Dating Network

Is a social network similar to the functionality of this community, and thus provides a complete package to find new friends or to the flirt. In search of the future soul mate you leave a lot of capital, because many single exchanges require a lot of money and provide little comfort. Mega singles is developed by a young and creative team, which it has made to the task to integrate the interaction of social networks in a Datingplattorm and to remain at the same time free of charge. Among others already following modules are have been developed and integrated: – comprehensive user profile – unlimited number of photos and gallery images more than one profile or avatar possible – bulletin board – forum – video & music network – sharing of multimedia files (pictures, videos and music) – groups (circles) – discussion groups (groups) – Google maps (showing the route to the destination) – Street view – many more functions… Thus, this dating platform provides what have otherwise only social network. Therefore, we go as far and say it a dating is network and at the same time a social network. Therefore, it is also an alternative for Internet users who have found their dream partner already and are no longer looking. The advantage is that you no longer must log off and can continue to use this platform. We asked the Chief developer and founder Mario Linke, its further plans. “We are up-to-date on the latest Web standards to move, which represents a major advance in our young history (and our members will be very happy with it). Furthermore we are planning 2 new interfaces that will allow the user to manage his Facebook wall. In addition our members via her Twitter account, can compose tweets, retweet, or show their friends or Tracker.” It’s not wanted to tell us more plans and that it still was long only so much not about they didn’t want just a fraction. The project is funded at the moment out of his own pocket and still own promotional video was produced in addition.

Eastern Bavaria

The experts of the E-Commerce Guide invite you to a free workshop in Berlin. Many E-Commerce ideas fail that will underestimate the importance of the payment and the avoidance of non-payment. Interested in the free event secure payment in E-Commerce learn what online retailers on these issues must observe, on April 22, 2010 in Berlin. Shopping on the Internet has enjoyed in recent years of increasing popularity. More and more companies offer their goods and services on the Internet.

However, it is a wide and stony path often until successfully running their own online shop. In particular, the importance of the payment and the avoidance of non-payment are often underestimated. Just but the offer of suitable payment methods is a major influencing factor in a customer’s buying decision, and therefore significant for the realizable sales. Results of the project E-Commerce Guide ( show that, by ibi research at the University of Regensburg performed together with reputable service providers from the E-commerce area. But what payment procedures best arrive at your customers? And how do you deal with problems, caused by unpaid bills or chargebacks? Answers to questions like these at the free event in the E-commerce payment processing\”, which will take place on April 22, 2010 in cooperation with eCOMM Berlin and the E-Commerce competence centre Eastern Bavaria in Berlin. The experts of the E-Commerce Guide present current developments as well as valuable tips and tricks for the issues of payment processing, risk and claims management. Opportunities to Exchange complete the event. \”For information about the program and to register, see: payment Berlin about the project E-Commerce Guide\”: answers to the most important questions around to give e-commerce a consortium has consisting of ten leading solution providers and research and consulting Institute ibi research at the University of Regensburg joined together. Atrada atriga cateno, ConCardis, creditPass, etracker, Hermes logistics group Germany, mpass, Saferpay and xt: Commerce bundle into this project its know-how and experience, to put together the most important information for online retailers and those who want to become, together with ibi research in easily understandable and concise form.

VAT For Shop

To make an online shop the eBook right-secure online store helping right warning online store, ebay, Amazon & co – you are active in the Internet? You download music and movies from the Internet, have an own homepage on which you use many images, or write a blog? Or they sell and auction things on the Internet, maybe even your own web shop? Then you are potentially at risk, to be called off. The legal hurdles for home and business users of the Internet are great. Especially competition law offers a number of ways to proceed against competitors if, for example, the marking of the goods or the pricing not regulations. But also the trademark law and copyright law play an important role in the Internet. Has never been so easy on the Internet, also accidentally and without harming the intent of copyright and trademark rights. And right holders also vigorously oppose individual private users.

What to look for when creating a commercial website “should the practice Advisor shows: the right-secure online shop: E-commerce without nerve damage”, for the legal protection of online shops and other commercial Web sites. Your benefits understandable: An eBook written for traders! Relevant for practice: Essential know-how for shop owners! Large: over 200 pages! Currently viewing: Latest legal status! The Publisher, the IT law firm Munich, webshops and websites already by more than 800 dealers of from various sectors in Germany with your protection packages, and protects them from warning letters. “In the eBook of right-secure online shop / webshop the practical experiences of IT law now flow firm Munich: the most common, most important and latest legal traps” your client and have been summarized in this clear and understandable. Content of the eBook the Internet, originally designed as a medium for the exchange of scientific information, also serves with the steadily advancing technical development as a trading platform. “The times when the Internet as a legal vacuum” was considered are however long gone; the right developed steadily more unfortunately not always to the advantage of those who handle their trades online. In addition to a steadily proliferating paragraphs jungle”online retailers have to deal increasingly with competitors and lawyers, who have discovered the Institute of legal dissuasion as a welcome source of money for themselves.

Therefore, it is essential to get an exact overview of the current legal situation for every merchant that occurs in the World Wide Web. This is however not easy, in particular because it is not always clear to the legal layman factors legally affect his trading activities. “The new eBook right-secure online shop: E-commerce without nerve damage” offers therefore a mapping of the legal goofed, in which a trader on the rocky road of E-commerce can, and should For maintaining legal certainty, its Internet presence serve online merchants as clear and understandable Guide. EBook of right-secure online store is updated regularly and is available in 3 variants: the right-secure online shop at the price of 19.90 euro, the right-secure online store with 1-year upgrade at the price of 29.90 euro and right-secure online shop with 2-year upgrade 38,80 euro.

Founder Marc Kornblum

Test explicitly desired food, 01.09.10 the new and innovative social commerce platform revvler goes off immediately under with the first closed beta release online. At the same time, the team of revvler loads officially to the test a. We are very proud to share the fun and the experience around revvler now with many people and are confident that it will show that not only representative for the entire Ruhr area to the European capital of culture 2010 was food, but also forward is a step in the field of new media. Very true to the motto, eating Internet can! “, so the Founder Marc Kornblum and Mike Wagener.” The?”Essen project? revvler” imitating? a successful process of development and building, the next step on the way to completion. Revvler with this release, the mix of shopping and networking, shows clearly the to the buy and sell, inform, share and compare, evaluate and recommend invites. In addition to the already well-known attributes of revvler, the the purely technical and emotionless purchase or sales process to forget? some features and functions were in the last days? implements.

To?,? to the?Example,? the innovative matching, which automatically generates the connection of supply and demand and therefore of buyer and seller, is completed. In addition to the matching is also the possibility of negotiating new on revvler? interpreted. For the first time, can he?Seller to? a bid for his article, submit a counteroffer or suggest other options, such as volume discounts. This exchange of members is just to themselves and making revvler lively, personal, versatile and modern. The development of revvler continues in the future. Many ideas and improvements are still under development or are tested already internally. Opens revvler other networks in the near future and thus externally a broad public. For the closed beta you can register easily now under. Members have therefore the chance is their benefited from the experience and the resonance of the first members favorite user name back up and the team around revvler.