It is a-b – C-D-E of photography artistic journeys, five basic points which will help us in achieving the jacks dream. Especially for travelers without extensive experience with outlets that do not want to feel frustrated to see the resultados.Comencemos then with the first point. A. the action: look for shots where there is some action. It can be something simple, the smoke from a cafe, an animal in a meadow, etc. The important thing is to break the monotony with an action. B. the balance: not in this case speak of balance white but achieve a balanced artistic photo.

How it can be achieved? Following the rule of thirds. Dividing the socket into thirds so i.e. achieve a symmetrical and well balanced image. A good resource is not locate objects right in the center of the box, also use natural like doors, Windows or arcades frames. C.

the composition: composition refers to the richness of the picture and she influenced textures, angles, vivid colors, patterns, objects or frames (technical photography balanced). In short, everything that helps to tell the visual story. D. the depth of field: it is important to take into account the distance between the focused objects and the background to achieve the desired dimension and make more real the socket. E. the evocation: we must not forget that the travel artistic photographs serve to move us to a time and a place. It is important then that outlets evoke the vivid moments. This can be achieved by taking into account details and situations of the scene before shooting.