It has each time more chances professional it to extend its area of performance, if to know to use YOU as allied and tool for the progress in the access, preservation and control of the information. Thus, the archivists will be in favorable conditions to act as specialists, agents of the knowledge, when interacting with the professionals of YOU. E, so that this occurs, the archivists have that to be constantly if perfecting and adding new knowledge face to the innovations that YOU disponibiliza. The evaluation of electronic documents must be incorporated goes down early in the process of vital cycle of electronic documents. Many concepts of the Arquivologia can, and must, to be carried to YOU. From there, a work more for the archivist, who is the task to preserve social memory institucional and to intervine in the vital cycle of documents so that YOU it can, with efficiency, to support the final preservation and access to documentos.4 Consideraes the interface of the Arquivologia with others to know in the informacional field benefits its growth and allows to the aggregation of values interdisciplinares. The integration you discipline between them is a factor evidences and necessary for the proper growth of sciences. Some authors of the past already saw this necessity, that is each more present time today.

Other authors consider that the expansion sped up of YOU would threaten the identity of the areas and this would limit the full exercise of its potentiality how much to the access, generation, organization, communication. However, the Arquivologia beyond having its defined norms and principles already, also argues and adds values of other areas for its proper growth. The technological advance benefits disciplines them to all very. It stimulates the creation of new arquivsticos methods through new knowledge acquired of others you discipline. The Diplomatics, for example, was the responsible one for the guarantee of the authenticity of documents in the past, but today he is also YOU that it has that to develop techniques to guarantee this.