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Converse (pronounced k? N’vers) is an American shoe company which has been in place since the early twentieth century.
The maker of rubber shoes Marquis Mills Converse opened its first factory in Malden, Massachusetts, in 1908. The designs simple and comfortable in Converse soon won many followers, but it was a decade later when his real boom began, because, by including the canvas in the manufacture of their products, these were much more resistant and suitable for basketball, sports that those adopted as its official shoes. And it was exactly a basketball which would become the stamp and image of Converse over the next 50 years: Chuck Taylor, star of the time who always demonstrated a preference for these sneakers and not only became the ambassador who led the Converse image throughout the United States until his death in 1969, but even those adopted since 1923 as theirs to see a patch with his name and symbol in the area of the heel shoes. From that point, the line would be known as the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, but the people simply call the chucks. With the professionalization of the NBA, the demands of the teams increased and Converse was forced to leave their classic white and black to adapt to new times and make the showy and colorful designs that require professional franchises. Even they had to increase material and introduced the vinyl skin and for the sake of its survival as a brand and remain the favorites of North America.
With the launch of new lines such as the Jack Purcell and Heritage, Converse dominates the market in 70 years? S and 80? S. TESTING YOU AGAIN. Its aggressive advertising and intentionally placed as the shoes are everywhere, according to the popular commercial that appeared on the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. However, things were not going so well already: the appearance of Nike, Reebok and Adidas in the United States represent a competition for which the company was not ready. Currently there are various tallajes and models. On July 9, 2003 the company accept the offer of $ 305 million that Nike offered him.