Universal camera mounting kit for sports helmets Brighton / UK, 18 December 2012 modern action cameras are expensive and spend most of their lives as dust on the shelf. With the universal camera demon, mount remedy Proporta. The camera demon makes any any camera that record today already all video in HD quality with just a few hand movements to the action cam. So, nothing in the way is exciting shots of snowboarding, skiing or the breakneck excursions with mountain bike. The installation is very simple: camera demon is attached with a high performance adhesive tape by 3M that keeps the camera bombproof on the helmet. So, skiers, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts hold all their unforgettable trips in action-packed HD video with your existing digital camera. We are a company of full of adrenalin junkies”Lynnette Prigmore, head of product at Proporta explains the background to this project.

When we were given the opportunity to work with camera demon, we have taken these immediately. Now you are Times past, when you had to buy more expensive equipment, only to a few times in the year exciting moments to hold.” How it works camera demon is light, compact and can be easily inserted. The camera is screwed with the tripod mount to the mount. Fixed, it is brought into the optimum position, so that the pictures are perfect. In the bracket, the camera can tilt or rotate 360 degrees. After their use in action, camera demon is very easy to remove. Only a hair dryer is necessary to heat the pad then the mount can slide off. There remain no adhesive residue back the helmet remains intact.

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