Interfaces at the booth connect virtual and digital content to include the virtual content of the online world in the digital age also on measuring the real world on-site, the use of digital exhibition systems is important. The digital exhibition systems extend the classic exhibition stands to interfaces that create the bridge between the real world in the venue and virtual online world. To find these interfaces, digital elements used as monitor, terminal systems or multimedia pieces of furniture. The mobile exhibition system EX POMADE offers numerous connection possibilities for interactive content. EX POMADE offers the possibility to include the digital content directly from the first step in the Konzeptionierungsphase with its modular concept. To plan a monitor and keyboard directly from the outset by the way, can both digital and printed content are matched. The so-called media can be integrated directly into the trade fair system. The monitor is fixed thanks to the second frame, the keyboard is in a counter plate embedded and assembled as a complete bar to the wall of the exhibition.

Due to the free presentation area and the abandonment of flat carrier that receives EX POMADE trade fair system its stability as a result of the outstanding design element, the 50 m-high trade fair Tower, as well as the other growing elements. These modular elements includes also the media, which provides not only an optimal interface, but also as maximum stability of the system. In addition, a best use of the stand area is obtained by direct integration of modular elements. In addition to the ability to integrate directly into the trade fair system she also the possibility to use free-standing components such as libraries or real elements. This claim of course part of the stand area, can be however individually placed and mean a great incentive for visitors to enter the booth. Complete interactive pieces of furniture are used besides the classical terminal systems, which consist of a monitor or a keyboard.

The Multi touch table is a such piece of furniture, which transmits information without mouse and joystick simply by finger as a basis for interactive presentation. A desktop touch Monitor enables all visitors to retrieve the content quickly and easily. In addition to catalogues, product information or images as well as videos games can be called the multi touch table and enormously increase the entertainment factor. All these instruments make it to support the presentation at the trade fair stand with digital and interactive content and to enhance the visitor experience. Thus, the participation for the visitors is truly sustainable, which stands out from the competition. To only digital items available, which offer the advantage of virtually unlimited to extend the limited exhibition space on the ground and to introduce many more exhibits. All other information about the Digital EX POMADE exhibition systems, see, the platform for the mobile and digital presentation.