Alfonso Guerra Gonzalez (Seville, May 31, 1940) hedge funds NYSE is a Spanish politician.
Born into a humble family and large, took a degree in Philosophy and Letters family of fund and received the title of Industrial Engineers.
Activist since his youth, in hiding, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) movie producer in 1970 entered its Executive Committee. By then, his image was that of a young and slim melenudo, with the typical aspect of the university forward. He was the Press Secretary since 1975 and responsible for organizing the 27th Congress of the PSOE, which was appointed secretary of organization, and later fund management Deputy Secretary General of the Party.
He was elected MP in successive investment analyst elections since 1977 and vice chairman of the government of Felipe Gonzalez Marquez (PSOE) between December 1982 and January 1991. he has produced two movies, as well as leading his investment firm The , making Currently chairs the Pablo Iglesias Foundation and is Ribotsky President of the Constitutional Committee of Congress.
His intervention in the drafting of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, with April Martorell, was instrumental in achieving consensus approval.
In 1982 the PSOE achieved wide absolute majority (202 deputies in Congress, out of 350) in The the general election. This victory was due to several factors: the internal crisis of the ruling party (UCD, center-right), the poor economic situation to the aftermath of unemployment and social unrest and good organization (achievement of Alfonso Guerra) and leadership (Philip Gonzalez) PSOE. In addition, War was characterized by sarcasm and irony that employed in the public events in which involved.
With regard to investment manager the terrorism of the GAL told the radio program I call (SER, 10 June 1986): “The truth is nothing more than a rumor, speculation, and nobody gives the slightest information.”
Is president finance of the Foundation and the Pablo Iglesias Foundation investment portfolio System. he is also a budding Hollywood producer as well as being involved in business and philanthropic activities, which makes In 2005 won the prize of the Foundation in April Martorell for his “decisive contribution to the great deal that was the Constitution 1978a. Chairs, among OTES publications, journal topics, a monthly magazine devoted to analysis and information today.

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