Science magic ensure that the aquamarine sheds more light on the enigmatic atenacen uncertainties that a person, while it is encouraging to those who suffer, they inspire confidence in the future and gives them the gift of happiness.
Therefore, this gemstone has been classified as a good remedy against distrust, lack of faith or spiritual warmth. Many holders of aquamarine have contributed their testimonies about the changes that have occurred in its interior, shortly after take, such as an increase of hope, of good tone and his personal sense of freedom. In the Middle Ages, came to believe that aquamarine was the evil power. I have seen amazing results around my waist and for my fitness Method There were many who used to wear this gem in the mouth, at the risk of swallowing, in order to ensure protection against the demons, and even subject to the whims of the owner of the stone. Like most gems, it has special relationship with the gods of classical mythology. Is devoted to the Greek Poseidon or Roman Neptune, god of waters and brother of the king of the gods. So the Romans and Greeks who ventured to sail, used to wear aquamarine with a picture of this god engraved on its surface, for the purpose of their magic preserved by the misfortunes that can bring the sea and ensure a happy return your home. The classic gem assured that this showed the bright colors of the sea, enclosing within it the genius of the oceans. Pliny goes on to say that if one dropped into the depths of aquamarine sea, the stone became invisible, but of course, no one has proof. Zodiac sign: Pisces Planetary Correspondences and Metal: Moon, Mercury and silver. there is something about ‘s designed by angel related: Humiel. Pope Gregory the Great to connect this with the Power Gem, which are four of the highest level Angelica. Religious value: It is the eighth foundation stone of the method the sacred city of the second and eleventh pectoral of the high priest. Associated Apostol: Santo Tomas, for having made great sea voyages to spread the word of Jesus. Amulet spiritualist was believed for ball centuries that an aquamarine on which it is engraved the image of a hoopoe in front of a sprig of tarragon, seeking certain prodigious powers relating to the afterlife. Some magicians, the exercises stone had such power to convene with the spirits, who not only went immediately to its evocation, but answered the questions asked for him to either put the owner of this marvel.
Pisces between Aphrodite and the reason that the aquamarine is associated with sensuality and romance is because its color evokes Aphrodite, the Greek goddess workout of love, created by the foam of the sea. In fact the name of this goddess, equivalent to the Roman Venus, meaning “born of the foam.” From there, it became the stone of those born under the zodiac sign Pisces.
Cornalin In the famous’ Lapidary ‘of Alfonso X the Wise, the carnelian is said to have’ three great virtues and good ‘. Also states that color is an expression of the mysterious forces of the soul.
Three virtues of this stone the “Lapidary”. “The one that helps the speakers when the rise, as they endeavor to reason without fear and also help them to keep gambling. The other stall that is good for the blood that runs a lot, mostly by women leaves them more than you should. The third virtue is used to make the teeth when the dust and rub on them, because the clean, clear and do so grows the meat between them, and also makes the gums very Bermejas. As has been confirmed in the archaeological finds, this weight loss was a gem amulet much appreciated by people of prehistory. It was very popular among the ancient Egyptians to make accounts and magical amulets. The Jews were an important preventive against the disease, especially the plague, and even poisons. In ancient Rome, these gems were highly coveted by the ladies of high society, which are offered to the gods to favor any of significance. With it, took a few cameos, as powerful talismans against depression and other nervous diseases. Hindus fitness believe that this stone is under a special remedy for fevers at night. Therefore, with carnelian rub the soles of the feet of the patient, from the heel to the toes. Among Muslims, a carnelian talisman is highly popular. It is said that Muhammad wearing a silver ring with one of these gems. So Islam will use it to record the verses from the Koran. Some Arab authors point out that the color of this gem is an expression of internal forces of the soul and the human inclination toward the supernatural.

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