The data were stored on audio cassette tapes. To improve a system based on floppy disk had to buy the “Interface Extension” which added a floppy disk interface for simple density. The interface was based on the controller chip single density floppy disk Western Digital 1171, but lacked a “separator data externally, and therefore was very unreliable.
All formats disk TRS-80 were soft-sectors (sectors had soft) with index-sync (synchronization index), in contrast with the formats Apple II, which were never soft-synchronization index (with many units Apple even lacked a hole index detector). Except for some very early units Shugart, recognizable by their position in the head like “spiral-cam.” All drives the floating TRS-80 models were 40 track double-density. The combination of 40 tracks, double density, and index-sync. Gave a maximum capacity of 180 kilobytes per single-sided diskette, considerably higher than most other systems of the time. Moreover, the use of index-sync. It means that to convert one disk a “Flippy” was not only necessary to cut a second notch for writing, but also drilling a second hole in the index case of the disk with high risk of damaging the disc inside. One could buy “flippies” events in manufacturing, or use the back side for information systems such as Apple Computer did some software companies then.

Linux Devices
February 27, 2009 Timesys has upgraded its Linux Link DIY embedded Linux development service with an update and git tree service.
Info World
Nvidia to develop an integrated x86 chip for use in low-cost computers, an Nvidia executive said this week, a move that step would be rivalry with Intel. Nvidia is considering the development of an integrated chip based on the x86 architecture for use in devices such as netbooks and mobile Internet devices (MIDS), said Michael Hara, Vice President Investor Relations at Nvidia …
February 26, 2009 Roper Mobile Technology (RMT) announced a panel PC designed for forklifts, pallet trucks and other warehouse machinery.
February 26, 2009 QSI has a compact, in-cab computer targeting fleet management, dispatching and mapping applications.