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Federal University

They need the same chances, and the technology becomes issopossvel. Not it wants to say that the Intenet is a happy world where osinvisuais they can sail and look at with all the freedom as people without essadeficincia, but can be affirmed that with the aid of these sotwares that utilizamdo use of sintetizao of voice, brings more inclusion to the deficient people. FUTURE PROPOSALS So that deficient appearances are inserted in the mundovirtual are sugervel to consider a standard of Web pages, so that these pessoaspossam to usufruct of the great benefit of the Internet, of an easy and fast form, allowing that they have the most varied information and access to half of notice, purchases, entertainment and research, to be able to not only develop its ladosocial, but mainly its professional life. This work could be considered the Governmental bodies, Commercial Institutions and Entities, for the next ones the Vestibule of the Different Vision. Antonio Silvae Daniel Saws.

Available in Access emMar/2009. 02 MICROPOWER Technology in Educao and Negcios.Disponvel in Access in Mar/2009. 03 NIEE UFRGS Nucleus of Computer science in the EducaoEspecial Federal University of the Available Rio Grande Do Sul in Access in Fev/2009. 04 SANTAROSA, L.M.C. Cooperation In the Web Between PNEE: constructing to knowledge in the Nucleus of Computer science in the Special Education.

South Border

This tool and soluc’ to the one of Ana lise of web of institucional matrix that supplies to one tima visibility of tra fego. A story river monthly and disponibilizado the competent teams for Ana lise of tra fego, better making possible to plan distribuic’ to the one of it conteu of the one in the gina Par. 2,8 CONTINUITY OF the PROJECT This was the first project that made possible the UFFS to have a gina Par with total and entire autonomy in such a way for development how much for administrac’ to. Still havera many others, with intention to improve each time more the access informac’ it you are of instituic’ to atrave s of the Internet. 3.0 CONCLUDED All the project for the development of a vestibule as of the Federal University of the South Border and a great challenge.

Ale m of very work and a valuable process of learning. Each stage and a goal to be won e, the conquest and the project seen in pra tica. A difficulty that had that to be faced he was the scarce mere naked of collaborators of the team of the project. The problems that appear apo s publicac’ to the one of a great site, they serve to develop ximo pro project of criac’ to and the development. Importanti we ssimos sa the o planning and the fulfilment of all the stages, that guarantee satisfac’ to and the good functioning of the functionalities foreseen for the site.

The new site of the Federal University of the South Border and a project that this in its process.

Model Photography

Looking at old photographs of children, I always wondered concentrated and serious facial expression portrayed kids. It seemed that a hundred years ago children were different. Such balanced with spiritualized individuals and wise, all comprehending eyes. I wanted to understand – in fact, children have become, or have other photographers of the past were some secrets of child photography? Photographs on a century-old kids or stand or sit. But how make a small child for a long time to fix on photography, you need to get a quality shot? How to get it to the desired facial expression? Taking the Model younger half of their children, I decided to turn back the clock. For the purity of the experiment, I decided to photograph them with a steady light, in which an excerpt will be long, as it did 100 years ago. Imagine how I'll catch and fix these two minor electric broom, I felt some confusion. Question arises: how to stop the infinite Brownian motion of children during the shooting? Had more time to carefully study the original material.

View more pictures, I found what the old photography of children is different from the modern children's photo-portraits. Solution was very simple. Photographers set or put the baby at a sufficiently high subject. It is logical to assume that even the most Bezbashenny, hyperactive, restless and rowdy-dowdy boy, standing on the dais will be almost motionless, and with the most serious expression on his face will pose a photographer. Theory require verification practices. I built a pedestal for photographing children from the chair, standing on a children's table. The design was somewhat shaky, but it is quite stable.

And the result has been achieved! The younger son (1,5 years) stood stock-still for five minutes, afraid to move. That was enough for me to make enough shots. Typing the resulting material, I saw that same state of the child, and wanted to get some. That's it, to get a 'vintage' photos of the children! PS The key to this method of discard parental fears. While you're there, with your child of all will be well. Feeling your support and the importance of the situation (its not every day you are asked to take this exalted position) he will be fine pose and will reward you and even myself, in consequence, excellent photos.

Home Window Cleaning

We show you a few tips and tricks to clean the windows or windows of cars: Using primarily a cleaning cloth for glasses, you can use a cloth but lint. For large windows you can use sponges and an extensible wizard utensil type rubber wipers to dry, wipe down and dry up the toe of the paste on each pass to avoid leaving marks on the crystal, there are tools that are on one side a sponge and the other a rubber Important use warm water, do not use very hot water. It is best to use two pots with water and two chamois, with clean up and the other will clarify. To dry is very good newspaper. You can use vinegar diluted with water, thus avoiding the use of expensive goods, as well as being environmentally friendly. For normal-sized crystals begins to clean from the edges toward the center, rinse before it dries.

Change water often in the clear, thus avoiding stain. Do not rub the dirty windows with a dry cloth may scratch the glass. It is advisable to clean the full sun glasses to dry very quickly and will leave many marks. If you use too much detergent residues remain many, it is much better to use small quantities, the soap is not suitable, it would have a lot of foam and rinse with lots of water. It is advisable to clean the windows at very low temperatures because the crystal becomes very fragile. If you clean the glass on both sides, do so on one side by the other horizontally and vertically, that way you can see the marks. A very effective trick for staining of flies and mosquitoes is cleaned with hot tea, jump like a charm. If you use a cleaning cloth for use no chemicals, detergents or similar because they spoil the cloth, use warm water instead of vinegar and methyl alcohol. You can find many more tricks like this in the 'web.

Personnel Departments

" On this occasion, Eisenhower concluded: "The Americans are measured by the price war in human lives, the Russian – in the general cleansing of the nation '. Zhukov could not forgive his independence. It demonstrated at a meeting of the Military Council in the summer of 1946, dedicated to trial by Marshal Georgy Zhukov. Stalin, based on the work of interrogation the arrested security organs Chief Marshal of Aviation AA Novikov, accused Zhukov's indiscretion, in downplaying the role of the stakes. Georgy Zhukov was accused, among other things, the 'immorality' and amassing trophies. In fact, Marshall did not consider it a sin to live 'in a big way. " Clearly, not a personal indiscretion Marshal Zhukov's scared of the leader, and great authority, won by the Soviet people.

As commander in chief of ground forces, Georgy Zhukov, the Stalinist logic, was a real danger for the existing regime of personal power. It is understood and attended the Military Council. Evidence Konev, who with Zhukov relations were not the best way, appear to be sufficiently reliable. Three Marshal General of the Army, and two, recognizing personal weaknesses Zhukov, quite explicitly rejected accusations that it is politically dangerous man. Particularly sharp, Paul spoke Rybalko, which urged not to believe 'testimony, extended violence in prisons. " And when the main warlords did not support Stalin's case involved Chief of Personnel Department General Golikov, Member of the Politburo Malenkov, Molotov, Beria, who, with impunity, to do a 'custom' leader. Marshal has been removed from all his posts and sent to the 'link' – at first command the Odessa military district, and then – by Ural.

Later, he said: 'In the forty-seventh waiting every day of his arrest. Prepared suitcase with clothes. They put all of my closest collaborators. " With the death of Stalin in March 1953, the first marshal of opal was over, he had occasion to arrest L. Beria. He again became a deputy minister Defense, and from 1955 – Minister. In 1956, in Budapest, Zhukov directed the suppression of the Hungarian uprising. Khrushchev began to fear the growing influence over the army. Zhukov himself said of him that 'there was a moment when he reeled, and I secured him the support of the army. He then thanked me sincerely, but the conclusions made: what if I wish to sit in his place? '. October 26, 1957 Zhukov was dismissed from all his posts and sent into retirement. Officially, the press condemned his 'Bonapartism'. Zhukov was accused that he wanted 'armed forces to withdraw from the control of the party' and 'set them a personality cult. " The Second Marshal of opal, which is partly stopped only at the end of the 60s. A sign of its completion was published in 1969, Zhukov book 'Reminiscences and Reflections'. June 18, 1974 Georgy Zhukov died.

Intuitive Parenting

With the birth of the child, and even when planning the child's birth, every parent thinks about how to raise it? Cost is to beat the child, punish, and perhaps give him complete freedom in the knowledge of this vast world? A someone allows himself not to strain his boundless intellect, education and gives his child into the hands of intuition. And what is this "intuition" and how it relates? Does it help or just crazy ideas? By itself, a phenomenon intuition has not been investigated fully. Perhaps this is also not possible to prove the existence of a UFO, but then … that it is present in the heart of every mother is a fact. How can a young girl, inexperienced mother to know when and what you need it tsenneyshemu daze? Are right those who say that by choosing each time the same combination of action (eg to feed, change diaper, put to sleep), a woman accustomed to the cry of a child (because every time he kind of). Yes. Will right.

But what about the time to explain what is not prepared by women who do not read the Talmud on the correct conception, nurturing and upbringing, and only amenable to his "sixth sense", make fewer mistakes in child care than carefully prepared mommy? What if we look deep into this mystery. What is the "intuition"? Intuition – pozdnelat. Lat. intuitio – contemplation, from Lat. intueor – stare.

Consideration of the phenomenon studied by many scientists, psychologists and philosophers. One suggestion is that intuition is the experience that comes in a particular situation from the unconscious, without any logical costs. Maybe. But in raising the child, the most important role played by your own upbringing. Or rather how raised you. It is believed that a woman is looking for a wife in the likeness of his father, a guy in the image of the mother.

English Technology

Canadian Technology Canadian building technology over half a century and widely used massively in North America and Europe and worked through. The vast amount of information, including videos, is contained in the Russian and the English-speaking Internet, starting with site Producers Association Structural insulated panels SIPA, which describes the scheme of basic compounds SIP-panels. On this page we do not will discuss the technical details related to the Canadian technology, and will try to explain their understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of Canada's home, although today to say something new on this issue is hardly possible. A note: there is some confusion in the use of the name 'Canada's technology. " Often the 'Canadian' is called normal frame or a frame-panel houses. Because there are differences, just define the terminology.

Under the Canadian technology of building houses, we mean the walls enclosing the assembly of the SIP panels. Moreover, SIP panels should fulfill primarily a function of force structure elements, but not only insulation, as sometimes happens. In the 'pure' form of Canadian technology is quite rare. The fact is that usually (but not always) to connect to SIP-panels in a single structure using wooden sticks. As a result, inside wall is formed by a hard wooden frame.

This framework itself (with struts) is able to carry all the load exerted on the walls of the building. From this perspective, the Canadian home can be classified as frame. But SIP-panel in this design serve as not only the struts.


The documentary film 'Oceans' by Jacques Perrin – a revolution in the technique of filming. Amazing sight! Jacques Perrin's team and Jacques Clouseau crept so close that it is impossible to imagine how these shots were taken. The film's director, using the latest technology of underwater filming, the viewer opens the secret uncharted depths. A delightful, charming film about ocean life! A real work of art that can affect any heart. You look and you know: the ocean – is not just a body of water the earth. This is a separate world. With his way of life, with its harmony, which was achieved and established for several millennia. And then came people – 'the kings of the world', so we call ourselves …

Not only for the period of human existence we ourselves can not possibly find a harmony of life. All the time we want to change something, build, and then do not rejoice in his inventions – to destroy this world … and, in particular, our planet, not our property, not our property. We are only a small part of it. But for some reason we believe that if we can kill any creature that lives on Earth – so we all kings living, we are the highest level it. Ocean – it's not our home.

We can not exist in it. We are only guests in it, contemplate. And what is the dirty trick to get into the strange world and feel it hosts. Destroy, kill, destroy, fun … We are decimating entire species, and then themselves to be amazed that the planet is changing and raging … not for the better. You can not break the harmony created by centuries. And to think that nothing will change. The second chance we will not, and fallback to relocate too. The Earth – the only planet where life exists. While

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Stainless Steel – steel complex-resistant to corrosion in air and aggressive environments. In 1913, Harry Brearli (Harry Brearley), experimenting with different types and properties of alloys and found ability of steel with high chromium content to resist acid corrosion. The main alloying element of stainless steel – chromium Cr (12-20%); in addition to chrome, stainless steel contains elements related to its iron alloys (C, Si, Mn, S, P), as well as elements introduced into the steel to give it the necessary physical and mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of (Ni, Mn, Ti, Nb, Co, Mo). Resistance to corrosion of stainless steel depends on the chromium content: when it content of more than 12% of stainless steel alloys are in normal conditions and slightly aggressive media, more than 17% – corrosion resistant and more aggressive oxidizing and other media, in particular in the nitric acid strength of up to 50%. The reason for the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is mainly due to the fact that on the surface of chrome-containing parts in contact with aggressive media, a thin film of insoluble oxides, with is very important condition of the surface material, the absence of internal stresses and crystal defects.

In strong acids (sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric, and mixtures thereof) used complex- alloys with high Ni and doped Mo, Cu, Si. The greatest corrosion resistance are chromium martensitic stainless steel type with a polished surface. Martensite and martensite-ferritic steel and martensitic martensitic-ferritic steels have good corrosion resistance in atmospheric conditions, slightly aggressive media (in dilute solutions of salts, acids) and have good mechanical properties. Basically they are used to products operating on the wear, as a cutting tool, particularly knives, for the elastic elements and structures in food and chemical industries that are in contact with a slightly aggressive media. This type of include steel type 30Ch13, 40Ch13, etc. These are ferritic steel used for the manufacture of products, operating in oxidizing environments (such as nitric acid), for household appliances, food, light industry and for heat exchangers in power. Ferritic chromium steels have high corrosion resistance in nitric acid, aqueous ammonia, ammonium nitrate, a mixture of nitric, phosphoric and hydrofluoric acids, and other aggressive environments.

To this species include steel 400 series. The main advantage of austenitic steels austenitic steels is their high service characteristics (Strength, ductility, corrosion resistance in most work environments) and good processability. Therefore, austenitic corrosion-resistant steel are widely used as structural material in various branches of engineering. This class includes, 300 series steel. Austenite-ferrite and austenite-martensite steel austenitic-ferritic steel. The advantage of this group of steels – high yield strength of Compared with single-phase austenitic steels, the lack of propensity for grain growth, while maintaining the two-phase structure, a lower content of nickel ostrodefitsitnogo and good weldability. Austenite-ferritic steels are widely used in various fields of modern technology, especially in chemical engineering, shipbuilding and aviation. This type of include, such as steel 08H22N6T, 08H21N6M2T, 08H18G8N2T. Austenite-martensite steel. Needs of new branches of modern techniques in corrosion-resistant steels, high strength and technological development has led to the austenite-martensite (transitional) class. This type of steel 07H16N6, 09H15N9YU, 08H17N5M3.