We show you a few tips and tricks to clean the windows or windows of cars: Using primarily a cleaning cloth for glasses, you can use a cloth but lint. For large windows you can use sponges and an extensible wizard utensil type rubber wipers to dry, wipe down and dry up the toe of the paste on each pass to avoid leaving marks on the crystal, there are tools that are on one side a sponge and the other a rubber Important use warm water, do not use very hot water. It is best to use two pots with water and two chamois, with clean up and the other will clarify. To dry is very good newspaper. You can use vinegar diluted with water, thus avoiding the use of expensive goods, as well as being environmentally friendly. For normal-sized crystals begins to clean from the edges toward the center, rinse before it dries.

Change water often in the clear, thus avoiding stain. Do not rub the dirty windows with a dry cloth may scratch the glass. It is advisable to clean the full sun glasses to dry very quickly and will leave many marks. If you use too much detergent residues remain many, it is much better to use small quantities, the soap is not suitable, it would have a lot of foam and rinse with lots of water. It is advisable to clean the windows at very low temperatures because the crystal becomes very fragile. If you clean the glass on both sides, do so on one side by the other horizontally and vertically, that way you can see the marks. A very effective trick for staining of flies and mosquitoes is cleaned with hot tea, jump like a charm. If you use a cleaning cloth for use no chemicals, detergents or similar because they spoil the cloth, use warm water instead of vinegar and methyl alcohol. You can find many more tricks like this in the 'web.