Canadian Technology Canadian building technology over half a century and widely used massively in North America and Europe and worked through. The vast amount of information, including videos, is contained in the Russian and the English-speaking Internet, starting with site Producers Association Structural insulated panels SIPA, which describes the scheme of basic compounds SIP-panels. On this page we do not will discuss the technical details related to the Canadian technology, and will try to explain their understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of Canada's home, although today to say something new on this issue is hardly possible. A note: there is some confusion in the use of the name 'Canada's technology. " Often the 'Canadian' is called normal frame or a frame-panel houses. Because there are differences, just define the terminology.

Under the Canadian technology of building houses, we mean the walls enclosing the assembly of the SIP panels. Moreover, SIP panels should fulfill primarily a function of force structure elements, but not only insulation, as sometimes happens. In the 'pure' form of Canadian technology is quite rare. The fact is that usually (but not always) to connect to SIP-panels in a single structure using wooden sticks. As a result, inside wall is formed by a hard wooden frame.

This framework itself (with struts) is able to carry all the load exerted on the walls of the building. From this perspective, the Canadian home can be classified as frame. But SIP-panel in this design serve as not only the struts.