TO MEXICO, DF. Loyalty. That was why Alfonso Herrera to discard the invitation of his colleague Martha Higareda, who wanted him as in his new film co. It is rather surprising decision of the actor for 25 years. A few months ago had said that the cinema was half that wanted to explore. The December release Volverte a Ver, and then in early 2009 he moved to Venezuela for the film starring historical Venezzia, which embodies an American military. The project with Martha would have been the third film in a row, but preferred to start recording the soap Chameleons, next to the blonde Belinda. A friend of the University, also an actor and director Fred Coe, would offer the opportunity to start directing some of the chapters of “Philco Television Playhouse” for NBC. Mann accepted the job and move to New York in 1949. For NBC, Mann subsequently directed several episodes of “Goodyear Television Playhouse” and “Producer ‘s Showcase” and even a successful television adaptation of the works of William Shakespeare Othello. Mann was one of the earliest known directors of the so-called Golden Age of Television “in the United States (along with Sidney Lumet, Robert Mulligan, John Frankenheimer and Martin Ritt), later to form in the movies but a homogeneous group of different themes and styles with respect to the previous generation (the Vidor, Lang, Lubitsch, Cukor, Minnelli or Ford)
In 1953, Delbert Mann conceived what would be one of his best work: Marty, as a chapter in the series “Goodyear Television Playhouse,” where the great writing and great Paddy Chayevsky interpretation of the actor (Rod Steiger) is made Marty became an icon of television in the mid-50s. In addition, Mann won the 1954 Emmy for best direction for the episode of the Our Town series Producers’ Showcase, where he served Frank Sinatra and Paul Newman.

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