Nor do we believe that in principle the desired one, simply given, we are so focused on immediate results and information we can collect away from enjoying the process of growing and living it. You can even once started a yearlong course, whether we are focusing attention on where we go next year to do "more." Coaching is in fashion. A great opportunity? Yes, useful techniques are very refined and widely available. A great catch? You may also: knowing tool to promote change does not mean that we can immediately handle all the mysteries of life with ease and consistency. This is very obvious, however, in a world in which we have both the computer 5 windows open while we chat and chat to your mobile by mail, it evaporates easily the value of peace, science and the desire to forge, month to month, the knowledge in a progressive way cognizance. What is Coaching? It is a custom and confidential process in which he or the coach, thanks to a valuable set of tools – and, in our view, a continuous and personal development work – guides the client to remember its fundamental direction in life their goals, overcome barriers and limitations … It's an exciting space exploration in which the compass through the Coach expert finding new paths, and being able to generate a bridge between where you are now and where a person really wants to be. The ability to generate a Essential meeting that permits a customer depends largely on the level of inner silence, centering, presence and consistency of the Coach.

Coaching for me is an art whose seed is planted in an initial course and will germinate slowly. Art, like poetry, or a touch, may become impoverished by over-demanding efficiency. Let us try to leisurely enjoy learning something every day and focus more on what we have achieved and not so much where we are lacking. Let us use the techniques not only made out – to apply to others – if not as a way of deep personal work – inside – with muchiiiisima humility. We can not expand the peace until we find peace in our hearts. We have applied this fact to coaching, but can be applied to any area of personal growth, because here is deepening as the WHAT but on how and where you learn: if this form or you will deform it.

The answer is intimate and personal, it requires a bit of stillness and silence. Not There's nothing like an expert to exercise his art. When you see gymnasts doing so beautiful and aesthetic movements seem so easy. The basis of this "apparent ease" lies in the number of training hours behind. Sometimes an experienced coach, with three or framing questions seem silly and sencillotes, achieving truly resounding and lasting changes. These movements are a beautiful art, is a sublime liqueur distilled from long experience, from love, without constraint, over low heat. No one can ImplantArt the taste of a Coach Gran Reserva as the barrel you. Enjoy working in the silence of your cellar and let a little time to enjoy how, slowly, step by step, your initial conscious incompetence – God forbid that you have if you start – becomes unconscious competence and it is an art that you runs through the veins. "Look the world in just one grain of sand … look at the sky in a flowery field, save the infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour of your life" William Blake