"Connect the TV when you eat? .- It is amazing how many people might feel uncomfortable when eating without the TV, even if invited and if you do him, connect the TV to a whisper. Do you feel addicted to the computer, Internet, video games, coffee, the cup that came with coffee after meals, ham …? Could he give up many of these things for years? Is this safe? Demonstrate!. Many say once that if you but seek some excuse for not doing so. Some smokers say that they leave when they want and tell them to do, looking for any excuse not to. In some cases the level of dependency or control the level of anxiety and nervousness is lower, the snuff could leave more easily than others, but because of that, many hope, will let their guard down and creating a greater psychological dependence one day be your biggest enemy will not leave you seeing reality, "IF YOU REALLY WANT WHEN YOU CAN LEAVE, LEAVE, NOW IS THE TIME." If we ignore the physical addiction to nicotine and we only focus with psychological dependence creates the smoker, will realize that we are creating well-established habits, which have nothing to do with nicotine addiction, just we are dedicated to things go associating smoking, for example: IN GENERAL: Food – Coffee – Cigarette.

OFFICE WORK: Computer – The phone rings cigarette – light a cigarette. Sure you have yours where things associated with snuff … Each one creates his personal association with snuff, creating a social habit and mechanical.