However, he says, “metals, coal and minerals have the greatest chance of increasing in value. These sectors are already began to rise in recent years due to global economic growth. ” In turn, Ron Papanek believes that the greatest potential for growth are information technology and biotechnology. “Objectively speaking, production was ballast for the Russian economy – he said. – This is the sector that the government began to support after 2008, nationalizing, sometimes very aggressively, some of the company. Now, Russia goes through a phase of “careful re-privatization”, trying to give these companies back into private hands, thus stimulating economic growth. ” The Russian economy is still very dependent on the price of oil, gas and metals.

But with On the other hand, the dependence of the Russian economy on natural resources was the main reason due to which Russia has suffered greatly at the end of 2008. Record high oil price is now the cornerstone Many Russian companies and the economy as a whole. One of the most serious obstacles to the growth of the Russian stock market remains a possible return of the global economic crisis this year, analysts said. At the same time, the internal situation in Russia is rather favorable for further growth in the stock market. Ron Papanek believes that one of the problematic aspects of the Russian economy in 2010 could become a process re-privatization of companies in the field of production.

“Much will depend on how well the process will be re-privatization, and on whether it involves the” old players “that still carry great weight in These companies “- said the expert. “Russia has clearly absorbed some of the characteristics of developing countries such as China, India and Brazil. But now we can definitely say that the political forces in this country has undergone a serious evolution – were political decisions that have enormous economic response, while others have remained completely unnoticed. In this context, we call on Russia to “emerging market”, – Ron Papanek states. Russian experts have also set up extremely optimistic. Conference participants ‘Stock market: 2009 results and prospects for the next’ believe that in 2010 the Russian stock market will continue to rise, significantly ahead of the real economy. Among the favorites – the financial and oil and gas industry. Interesting investment ideas is in mechanical engineering and metallurgy. Experts positively evaluate prospects for the Russian stock market in 2010, although do not expect that he will be able to enter the pre-crisis levels. “We expect that the market in 2010 will grow by 25%, our target for the RTS index is 1,850 points’ – said the strategist of investment company “Finam” Vladimir Sergievsky. He is supported by the head of analytical research ‘VTB Asset Management’ Ivan Ilyushin, who believes that in the next six months, the market could grow by 30-40%. ‘In my estimation, Russia’s economy will come to their historic highs in 2012. Around the same time stock indices are likely to also reach their historical peaks ‘- complements Head of Research’ Bank Moscow ‘Cyril Tremasov.