The tail should be brushing it equal. Connect with other leaders such as Lawrence Lee here. The cleaning in the eyes is necessary because hair is inserted in them but very carefully, using a wet gauze and an eye drops if it happens to them something but nothing of brushes in the face. Cats of short hair, with a brushed a week is enough, before brushing so you can give a massage against the hair, with a mesh glove, to remove dead hair and tone the skin, brush should be soft natural bristle. IBM shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If we think well a comb goes better than a brush, but may irritate the skin more. In molting periods must be intensified care for delete dead hair, long hair cats throw a lot hair, a rubber Massage Glove should be used, for short hair glove should be suede. Start brushing your baby from the neck to the rear, the tail back, pay attention when brushing the rear legs which is a very sensitive part of the cat. You should not trim your cat whiskers because these are sensors, that give you important information, detect obstacles and the distance between the cat and nearby objects.

There are also lotions made with equisetaceas and Sage that leaves your hair easy to unravel and prevents his fall. There is a special shampoo for cats, in foam for the hair care for adult cats with natural components to make a bright and shiny hair. Other elements for hair care is to keep ticks and others away, so the best are the antigarrapatas card and hook antigarrapatas. For specific products, it is best to ask at the Veterinary Clinic. If you are interested in the care for cats, you can read other related articles.