Today electronic commerce is growing and many people are taking advantage of this means that many are unaware of and that is a good option to earn money and be independent, many now believe that doing business online is very simple and take it to lightly, but there are many factors that involve an online business. For more information see this site: Salman Behbehani. To begin with two important requirements are needed and if you’re reading this article because you have and we’re talking about Internet access and a computer, but there is not all, the most important requirements are: “A web-page marketing budget to major Internet search engines is a medium that connects the entire world, which has avenues and streets that connect to each other to get different points, if you belong to this great world of possibilities must be having a virtual local if we call it which is comprised of a domain that becomes the name of your local. Necessarily so if you want to enter the online business you’ll need a website. There are now many companies that provide this free service which not recommend them for several reasons, one of them is that you will not have their own domain and if you really want to do business by internet nobody will take seriously if you do not have a web page with your own domain and I mean when your own domain for example (or () not take lightly to make a business over the Internet, has a small market survey to test for sued for what you want or if there is a niche market for the product or service that you offer on the Internet and for this you have google tools to analyze this factor is very important if you want to do business online, many people fail in their efforts because they believe is just to make a website, make the product and ready, one of the important factors to be able to make money with your internet business will be the traffic, like I said before the Internet is a world which is full of avenues and streets and has several shopping centers that come to be the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and many more.