After the report of McAfee, PandLabs research laboratory warned that already had more than 200 web sites that use the young pop star Justin Bieber as bait to make Internet users download files infected with viruses. In the same way it happened with the end of the TV Lost, the premiere of the movie Iron Man series, the protagonists of the vampires in Eclipse, or news about the arrest of Lohan, these sites are located at the top of the search engines and using these popular themes to encourage Internet users to join the site. Then asked her consent to download some fake file that can damage the information contained on the computer and infect your system. This is why that PandLabs recommended exercise caution when looking for information on the web, have a good antivirus and use secure browsing tools that are available. Another alert is the Latin America Eset computer security lab report on threats in July.

The existence of a vulnerability was detected during July so-called 0-Day that takes advantage of the way that Windows processes files shortcuts (.lnk) for the propagation of various new malicious codes, which use different mechanisms to hide itself and spread. In turn, over the past month stood the use of different news in the public interest as a technique of deception to propagate malware. Among the detected malicious codes, found a Trojan which download other malware that aims to steal sensitive information from infected computers, as well as also a Trojan that spreads via USB devices, according to the report by Eset. It is very important that all users of Internet Day keep your antivirus and update your OS to the latest versions, or rather the security patch is released by Microsoft, recommends Jorge Mieres, ESET Latin America security analyst. Finally, Trend Micro reported that Apple, QuickTime Player (in its version 7.6.6), player allows movie files to activate automatically downloading files and cybercriminals are taking advantage of this to download malware from malicious Web sites. The threat of Trend Micro, Benson Sy, research engineer found two files.MOV (001 Dvdrip and salt dvdrpi btjunkie xtrancex .mov) which used the movie Salt, starring Angelina Jolie and released recently in United States.

These files are suspicious because they have a relatively small size in comparison with the usual films. But when the user loads the movie to QuickTime file, the player does not show any film, but it takes the user to download a malware pretending to be a codec update or another installation of the player. Conclusions: Is or isn’t compromised security while surfing on the Internet? Of course it is not. What can we do? Distrust of all, kept 100% updated our anti-virus program and strengthen our personal and domestic security system. This means that it is not enough with only have an antivirus is also preferable to have an anti-Trojan, an antimalware and some external firewall. Why should we distrust everything? Because it is already proven that the cyber crime overrides identities of our friends or family via email, using social networks and navigation in general, even through major search engines, i.e., they can be positioned as you would any commercial web site, in order to achieve his unhealthy objectives.