Now their projects will be carried out effectively thanks to the ERP Syteline and his project module does what scope the Syteline ERP project management module? Functionality for project management is contained in a way natural within SyteLine Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) is a very specialized instrument for the management of project-related costs, this is part of the integrated ERP solution. SL projects is the tool that allows you to effectively control the costs of their projects, regardless of the size of these, whether they are large or small. Syteline ERP project management helps you manage from contracts, to any institution of the Publicahasta projects designed to control internal costs, sketch and development. ERP SL project module is composed of tasks. Each one of these helps to symbolize each step that is required for the project is completed in a satisfactory manner. Each of the tasks contains also listed the essential resources to run. The scope Project module ERP helps to keep track and to carry out the management of materials, labor, administrative expenses and generals, who are given at a higher level than a working order.

This is carried out through the use of Infor Syteline ERP project structure since it is possible to assign costs planned previously and manage commitments by project, task, and resource. This provides manufacturers, which work under the scheme of projects and use Syteline ERP, the ability to manage activities and costs of their projects. Project management has a wide range of interfaces with SyteLine ERP, which are related mainly with various functions of quotations, orders of customers, accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, planning and work order. This way actual costs accumulated by each of these areas of ERP update automatically projects and tasks related to this. The part that shows the cumulative actual cost, a project, Syteline ERP can compare with the forecast of costs, in the form of Control of project progress.