The Immigrant. We begin this article defining two words. Emigration: The departure of people from their native country or to take up residency in another. Immigrant: A person who comes to a foreign country to settle in. Engaged in these two words are going to be developing this article, we must remember that through history to ancient times and performed the migration of humanity in search of better times for land to produce food or for security reasons , for independence of elite groups or conviction, the reasons do not matter, what matters is that they were bound by one or another reason to leave the land of their birth, we can also mention the exodus when Moses freed the people's of slavery and had to migrate to unknown lands in the desert. If we stand at present we see that in the past 20 years to be the immigrant is not a thing of the past is real and we live every day in all corners of the planet, the reasons who decide to leave their beloved homeland do not differ much from those of our ancestors, is now migrating to obtain freedom, security, respect for basic human rights, opportunities, respect for life, etc. It migrates with materialzar intecion of a dream, a dream that has often been maimed by rulers who believe that his conduct of a people is right and who do not share their ideas has no place in these lands. Often this migration leads to debacle families, causing decay and suffering to all its members especially the most defenseless and innocent of the story "Children (as).