One of the traces that we leave to spend time or permanent physical inactivity is the lack of firmness in muscles. Hear other arguments on the topic with Cyrus Arnold. This also implies the loss of strength and agility that leads to increase with the sedentary and the muscle is weakened and thus the desire and energy to move. Along with physical activity can add a treatment called Russian wave is stimulating the muscle by external means. This treatment is performed by electro-stimulation to the neuromuscular nerve terminals causing the muscle to contract rhythmically, and so we provide strength and muscle development. One of the benefits we provide is the phasing out of hypotonia or flaccidity, as this electrical impulse penetrates deeply into the treatment area. Russian Waves is one of the more aesthetic treatments currently used for toning and firming. But such treatment also contributes to the circulatory system by facilitating the smooth venous and lymphatic return, which in turn eliminates water retention in the treated area, increases circulation thus providing extra oxygen, removing toxins and waste, which causes cellulite and improve their appearance tends to disappear.

Cases of dystrophy or muscle wasting is indicated because it is a perfect therapy to recover. The firming beyond, models, and that its most important effect is to increase muscle mass. It is a therapy that has no age limits when it comes to be performed. Can be done during pregnancy because it involves no risk to the baby. It is recommended that a minimum of 2-4 sessions of 30 minutes per week, and no less than 12-16 sessions depending on each particular case and that in the course of the sessions will increase the intensity of the stimulus. Will increase the results by combining it with other treatments and / or physical activity. The muscle hypertrophy occur much more pronounced than with other techniques of electro-stimulation in gymnastics. On that basis there have been significant increases in muscle strength and speed athletes global size of the order of 15-30% as it stimulates the white fibers (fast).