The epidemic continues! Trojan, nicknamed "Vinloker" was again attacked his victims doubled siloy.Ne In a few months, as once again made itself felt one of the most insidious virus in 2009. Recall: the virus Trojan.Winlock .*, in people simply "Vinloker" (more than 100 known at the time of writing, modifications) blocking access to Windows, instead of the usual boot gave out the window with the message: "You are using a pirated version of Windows! send sms to a certain number to activate a license. "wants to warn those who are not experienced, do not send any sms, simply pull the system unit from the wall outlet (the risk of data loss is immeasurably less than the consequences of action of the virus). Here few cases (the conclusions one makes himself): The case of the 1 st: os Windows xp Pro License + Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 at the next boot process was obtained by the requirement to send sms, then the line filter was turned off after connecting no viral activity is not nablyudalos. computer Kaspersky Anti-Virus has not brought plodov.Poka system works without a glitch. The case of 2-nd: Windows xp Home operating license + Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 after a forced download computer message about sending sms disappeared and emerged only when running legacy applications, Windows, and several well-known programs (browsers).

That was an invitation to install the billboards of some adult sayta. Registry and file hosts (C: WINDOWSsystem32driversetc) did not bring rezultata.Plyus to all Kaspersky Anti-Virus has been blocked due to security policy Windows. The case of three: Windows xp Home operating license + NOD32 antivirus after the general refused to check the computer operating system .Ostalnoe about as well as in the first two faktah.Pravda, antivirus remained rabotosposobnym.A virus continued to perform their dirty work. The first computer was loaded with a Live cd dr.Web, but to no avail. What united these and other facts? -In the vast variety of cases the computer was a "robust protection" of Kaspersky of all, without exception, where the hosts were the dynamic of social network users "Facebook"-on all the PCs was a licensed Windows xp -Helped to reinstall the axis (as promised, most of the information had to sacrifice) Conclusion: One can only assume someone is a handiwork only conclusion is itself.