Repair of motor vehicles Injector Audi (Audi) 80 and 100 is not in many specialized car-care centers, as all transactions conducted with them – it's hard and tedious work. The device is a mechanical injector rather complicated, so for repairs required by qualified personnel who are well versed in these systems, fuel injection. Mechanical Injector Audi (Audi) 80 and 100 provides a mechanism for supplying the engine. For a more rapid formation of the fuel mixture to the combustion process occurring in the engine. For this purpose the nozzle, which in the electric injectors operate by an electronic pulse, and in mechanical injector due to the pressure, this is the difference of mechanical injectors. To determine the fault injector used computer diagnostics and repair applies specialized equipment that has high performance characteristics. The main reasons for the breakdown is: The chemical composition of fuel Failure of the fuel injectors and fuel pump Wear the air flow meter potentiometer or potentiometer pressure drive