Very few people are aware of how well the jaw and teeth every day for them. This area of our body is exposed to enormous forces. The masticatory muscles during crushing of our food brings about a pressure of up to one ton. In a tense jaw due to pressing or grinding of teeth can be increased to up to ten times. As the saying goes there is very direct. Sayings like, “I’ll bite his teeth together and go through there,” or “I’ll be right on the gums so to speak” for themselves. The statistics say that is the face of women not only more graceful than the countenance of men who, unfortunately, it hurts even more frequently to report the “Dental Communications. While plagued only nine percent of men of “pain in the face, muscles of mastication, the temporomandibular joint, or in the ear area” are affecting 15 to 18 percent of women from such pain. The older people are more facial pain disappears. Among the over 64 age group have onlytwo percent problems. Tension in the face and jaw area can have disastrous effects on the entire organism. About strands of muscle, nerve and energy pathways (meridians), these tensions will be handed on. Unpleasant and often painful consequences in many areas of our body can be the result. Often show the symptoms worse in the morning. From working with Craniosacral Balancing Peter Seitz is known that the pleasurable effects of a loose jaw can be very profound: The teeth remain healthy longer, sleep becomes a positive influence, tensions in the head area to allow, neck and back are flexible, the digestion regulates itself … These even regained looseness can lead to emotions that are brightening. Our teeth are like diamonds. They are fine-tuning for the entire body statics. The entire jaw thus contributes a substantial proportion of our “relaxed sincerity”.