The Settlers 2 is a strategy game that on 7 September is published. Publisher Ubisoft is proud of the great success of the game. In the development and BlueBye Funatics studios were involved. Many developers of the settlers 2 – Veni, Vini, Vici were involved. Nearly 10 years later decides they are the successors of the game. With great success. Many game magazines rate the game with over 80%. Try and have the best Texan meal you’ve ever had And rightly so, for fun and play “principle, brakes good. A word to the graphic. Settlers 2 was completely re-programmed and got the same breath, a new 3D graphics engine. These can be divided into several clearly defined stages zooming. The kamere position but always swings back to the starting position. Winner of the game is who has defeated the enemy first. First you need to expand your country to produce raw materials and foods. Here are the simple economic cycles take from the game. A farmer sows seeds and reaps it. After that it was possible in the mill and processed into flour. The flour is then combined with water in theBaking process and creates the final product of bread. This type of bread to eat your mines. It will turn coal and iron. Ultimately, swords and shields formed then the knights used to fight. In this way you can defeat your opponent and win the game. For all those interested in the game, you can download a demo version that has been done 90 minutes a glimpse of. In the near future there will be another free sms service assume the demo and check it thoroughly.