To be sincere not cost more, does not lead the defeat and badly does not make the psychological health, much before for the opposite? of the one it has supported of elegant moral stature to that it cultivates its sincerity in any circumstance, because a true being only becomes, cultor decisive you deal in them daily and if it becomes therefore optimum judge to spread justice between the men. Quia between the elephants. moreover the elephants go to try to come close each time more than this man, for knowing itself protecting of males that they could happen if treat for perverse and maledicentes, unite as nobody never will like to be in this life, or the next one. the wisdom of the elephants will go to pronounce itself clearly when of them if to approach the trainer with its printed sincerity, to construct a better life for all indistinctly. Our colloquy without remembering could not close the eighty percent of this what the master said: That yours yes either yes and yours he is not no' '. It are of this is pierced the dbia life, either defended for who it wants that it is, moderninho or antigo and is pierced because only being assertive in its words, in its action, ways and ways we will be able feeling in them capable to be real candidates to train an elephant. Now that we intend to close the subject we go to search back in deep of the trunk something that can helping in them, as a matter of principle, nobody can be candidatar to be a trainer if will not have wisdom to play contents it its functions. He is obvious but it is not simple. To acquire wisdom requires arduous training, requires disciplines, requires a fondness above average and the constant search of perfectioning. The common man is not qualified by the simple fact of being common.