What is a digital album? Much people not yet know the product digital album. An album of digital photography is an album that we will be able to define from our computer and by means of which we will be able to organize all our images of the form which we want since they exist multitude of possibilities, like for example, different groups, different number of images by pages, textures, qualities, etc. A time that we have given form him to the calendar to our taste, we will be able to order its creation from our house (is a great advantage not to have to go to no store) we will receive and it in our home of such form that we will have an album with our memories as if a book one was. It is a simple form and functional to store our memories to segurar to us of which it happens what happens, we will always have them out of danger thanks to a customized album that will be more difficult to lose than if our images were in the computer, they pen drive or in some hard disk. With ours images not only we can personalize an album, exists a great variety of products on which we can shape our ideas to obtain a unique product realised by and for us. Between this variety of products, one of which I like are the cups personalizadasaunque more we can do of everything, key rings, linen cloths, pictures, posters. Source: Note of Press sent by trotamundos66.