A new concept makes tolerable driving a journey log: A travel book in leather! Who doesn’t hate the travel books, the Treasury command the car drivers, so that the tax is also recognised. Usually of simple cardboard and paper surprised X 47 – provider of exclusive personal organizer – with a new haptic and content concept: interchangeable folders in a fine leather sheath. A logbook that will be recognized by the IRS must meet different requirements: timely and continuous recording closed shape, so that changes are detectable. Loose sticky notes or electronic records are not enough. Mandatory professional travel: destination, customer, date, subject to the Parley, time and mileage. A reference to other documents is not permitted. Detours are to declare.

A travel book in electronic form, is problematic in relation to official recognition. The logbook on paper is required. Usually, you can buy a simple booklet. Simple The market does paper, printed envelope more. The folders are mass-produced, cheap. Porsche, Mercedes and BWM driver, normally used to exclusivity, had to arrange so far with simplest tacking a break in style. That’s over now.

X 47, provider of high-quality patented personal organizer, puts an end to. Technical concept: thanks to a patented blade system, you can plug the travel books in a luxurious leather case and replace. The solution is so flat and elegant, that it is a pleasure to hand taking the logbook and to enter the ride. The driver has the choice between different types of leather and two formats: A5 (142 x 210 mm) and A6 (98 x 145 mm). Content concept: the concept of content follows the strict requirements of the Treasury. It noted but also the practicality in the car a portrait can be easier to fill out, as a landscape. This compact blocks are better than long lines. Quality concept: the mechanics, the spring loaded spine rail is made of stainless steel and with a Precision of 1/100 mm in the Switzerland produced. The leather is from Italy or Germany and the production is hand made in Germany”. The advantages at a glance: ++ valuable leather cover with replaceable inserts + slim and tight. ++ Portrait allows simple describe ++ three modules: service list, trip cost, travel expenses table ++ combined with travel expenses table saves duplication. ++ Conforms to the strict requirements of the tax office. + Italian or German leather handmade in Germany. About the company X 47 GmbH the X 47 GmbH was founded in 2002 and owns several patents and utility models for innovations in the field of small leather goods and calendars. Primarily used leather, paper and steel; the production takes place exclusively in Germany. Known, the X 47 GmbH was enables a system for fixing paper blocks in a leather cover, which is a new generation of especially flat and easily writable date planners through the invention of the spring bar. The combination of Diary has become possible with coin purse. A leather book, which looks from the outside like a normal leather book, yet allows sharing of individual staple among the jewels of the collection. “Special in the industry caused a stir X 47, 2009 with the layout of the calendar time circle”, which depicts a dial for the visualisation of time and 2011 with the flat wallet that holds the coins in leather shafts side by side.