He launches campaign with the fastest feline of the world ReSound Hunter is considered more adept with extremely awake your senses, as wild and powerful cat, as the fastest land animal in the world – the Cheetah. Magic and fascination of this noble animal inspired also the creative by ReSound hearing aid manufacturers. The launch of the new micro hearing system dot m by ReSound accompanied the global company with an original advertising campaign, which is devoted to the cheetahs and at the same time reveals the absolute discretion of the tiny hearing solution. Hearing dot m by ReSound, which weighs significantly less than a 1-cent coin, offers a ground-breaking combination of discreet design, natural sound quality and excellent speech intelligibility people with hearing loss. Since launch in October, the micro hearing system as well as the accompanying advertising campaign experienced a very positive resonance. For the development of our new campaign originality and continuity were equally important”, so Marc Reichling, Marketing Director of GN hearing GmbH.

with the hearing dot m by ReSound set continues the success story of our dot by ReSound hearing instruments on a new stage of technological development. Fine Dalmatian dogs were ReSound in the Centre of the campaign to the predecessor system dot by, that we launchten in January 2008. “We present our latest-generation systems now on the spotted fur of the cheetahs on the they also virtually untraceable will.” In the current campaign, which developed the Danish creative agency in advance, come in addition to numerous poster and ad motifs, as well as various teaser mailings also a wide range of decoration items, brochures, flyers, and original giveaways to the usage. Manufacturer ReSound provides its attractive mix of advertising the German fitters for their customers to available, and with proven success. The original motifs with the cheetahs have me so much addressed that I necessarily wanted to use for a flyer action”, for example, Hearing care professional champion Corinne Heise, owner of listening point Heise from Torgau. The action was also really great, everything worked just fine.

Thanks to our mailings we could appointments all 50 consulting with interested buyers. With ReSound I would make again as a promotional measure.” Even when the manufacturer ReSound, it is satisfied given the effect of the original campaigns subject. “Our new animal image makers underline the infinitesimal of the product, its design, its uniqueness and elegance”, so again Marc Reichling. In addition, cheetahs are enormously powerful. Transport hence the technological plus our new solution very convincing.” Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims products and services to develop and market worldwide, that enable hearing care professionals, the quality of life impaired persons improve. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people.