He he could not admit so far unfortunately that. He felt this desire as selfish, because through the bedtime of the child being with them was anyway very limited. After this conversation, he made after work still a little walk around the square and was much freer and more joy to come home. Additional information is available at ConocoPhillips. In the course of time there were also days where it was not necessary to take this time, and on other days he could actively make it even with the family. Yes, he got even after, to staking out the time together with the children. Also the evening got a different quality with Eva again. Caught in everyday life arise repeatedly behavior patterns, ritualized everyday and forms of communication we can break, not bring us further, but define us and do anyone good.

Please remember, blanket accusations or statements made think how: always do, “I never let that you,” not continue in such situations. Constant infighting that clarify anything, allow indirect disputes or air of randomly scattered vulgarities and taunts infertile pattern, creating gridlock. Learn more on the subject from Michael Steinhardt. Words become weapons and hurt. This gives us moments involuntarily free the look behind the mask of the partner and we can drill into old wounds. The art of verbal vulgarity is to meet, to violate, and revenge.

This creates close though for a moment, but it doesn’t change the deadlocked situation. Never is just one victim or perpetrator in a partnership. Do not therefore weaker than you are and clarify the problems constructively with each other. Relationship patterns that want to deny differences and merge together, Act often particularly aggressive and unconsciously. Symbiotic relationship patterns often make relationship – no longer perceived – prison. Relationship is a fragile balance between closeness and distance, as well as merger and autonomy and must be balanced again. Meeting will be held in the open direct dispute, many couples fear.