Power or heat gain is worth from 15 sq. m module area the flexible concept of exclusive dealerships in Salzuflen customers realize when they playfully deal with the garage Designer on. The variety of constructions for the garage roof of a prefabricated garage allows also to create photovoltaic roofs in the garage building. There are specialists for the construction of solar power systems to the hot water, photovoltaic systems to feed into the grid and self catering. The exact execution of the roof to the obtaining of solar energy is matched together with the specialist company for the construction of the roof.

There is now a waterproof solar roof that is logged on to the patent. This flat roofs effectively created or renovated, new roofs for garages and carports built profitably. Are photovoltaic modules connected to refrigerators and led to higher performance, the extracted heat is forwarded to other applications. To the hot water supply a budget, about half of its water needs can solar thermal cover all year round by solar heat. The proportion increased in the summer, because the conventional heating mainly or entirely can be switched off, in winter it is less because of shorter periods of daylight. Modern photovoltaic modules have their best operating point clouds and not in direct sunlight.

A heating system is designed for a high heat during freezing temperatures, can so in spring, autumn and when only warm water alone is provided in summer, not optimally work. The hot water demand is different throughout the year about the same size as the heat consumption for heating and ventilation. Photovoltaic building a prefabricated garage exclusive garages can be the occasion for feeding into the grid, to consider further areas at the dwelling house or outbuildings, as a whole to achieve a higher yield of solar power, which is fed into the power grid.