NEW ON THE MARKET floristic! Talking flowers! Flowers – it is always well thought out deep within the meaning of a gift. Complete its inscription, a picture and it will be a sensual and unforgettable. We all love to receive gifts, but the choice gift for many turns in a solid meal. Often give something useful tools do not allow, what we can choose to colleagues or loved one to a few hundred rubles? Donated to the standard gadgets gathering dust on shelves sometimes, by his standard, not even recalling the giver. How to make a gift unique? That's what we'll talk. To begin with let us turn to the most trivial – lively colors.

Custom to give flowers to go far-distant past. Flowers are given for a birthday, wedding, birth of children, on any other occasion, and sometimes just wrong. There is a special language of flowers, which gives you a bouquet to express almost any feelings – from love to hatred of timid hope to achieve a definitive failure. But now the language of flowers out of fashion, very few people know the value of a particular flower or color. And so eager to flower was not easy, especially, hinted about feelings, asking disturbing questions. Everyone, especially the male half of humanity, often brings bouquets of roses, tulips, lilies, orchids, wanting to express their feelings, to say something very important, or just make sweet loved one! And there are times when you feel for a guilty or not find the right words at the presentation of the bouquet! How would like to see flowers at the right time themselves uttered the phrase cherished, showed how strong your feelings! Another case – you're going to a birthday to my best friend.