Tugg Speedman (Stiller) is an action movie actor who has lost their popularity and still longs to win an Oscar, and is jealous of Kirk Lazarus (Downey Jr.), who has won 5 Oscar and shall be co-star in the movie Tropic Thunder, film based on the eponymous book of Sergeant Four Leaf Tayback (Nick Nolte), a former fighter of the Vietnam War, which tells his story and he lost his hands in the war, so it uses a hooks as hands. The cast is completed by the comedy actor heroin addict Jeff Portnoy (Black), rapper Alpa Chino (Brandon T. Jackson) and rookie actor Kevin Sandusky (Jay Baruchel), and is also produced by mogul Les Grossman ( Cruise). The filming of the movie is very bad, and when about to be canceled by Grossman, the director Damian Cockburn decides convinced by Tayback, to bring those players to shoot into the jungle, allegedly Vietnam.Once there special effects coordinator Cody, Four Leaf and leave in a helicopter leaving Cockburn and actors in the jungle where there are many cameras previously placed by Cockburn. Cockburn they removed all their cell phones, but Speedman keeps a secret. Damian takes a few steps and explode accidentally stepped on a mine. All are confident that Cockburn is dead, except Speedman, who believes that everything is a trick. However, the explosion warning to an armed group that will investigate East while communicating with their leader. The eastern attack players who are convinced by Speedman that this is part of the movie, so they respond to attack with fake guns and eastern recede a bit. Cody warning heard the shots and blows loads are placed on the trees, causing the attackers to flee. This only causes Speedman feel more confident that they are still filming the movie, but Lazarus is not so convinced and she tells Speedman.Lazarus is convinced by everyone and keep walking in the jungle. Four Leaf Cody and go in the helicopter to where the others left, but they are trapped by the Orientals. Cody accidentally remove the hooks and discover Four Leaf still has hands and that he had lied. The actors arrive at a river Speedman who is guided by the map, but Lazarus takes it and gives it to Kevin, who could read a map if they had done military service, and communicates to all that were due to Speedman in the opposite direction, so that all turn around to go home, but Speedman, Tropic Thunder as he considered his return to success, would not leave the film, and continued her walk alone. The Orientals are Cody and his Four Leaf Four Leaf barracks where Cody confesses that everything in his book is nothing but a lie, he calls a tribute to the motherland. Overnight Speedman has a fight with a panda and kills.In the morning you receive a call on the satellite phone he kept his agent Rick Peck (Matthew McConaughey) but Speedman is kidnapped by the East before we can talk more with Rick as well take away the cell. Portnoy begins to go mad for not having taken heroin. After drinking dirty water from a river to throw away, and sees in the distance a base of the East, who are drug dealers, and others see with binoculars who captured Speedman. Traffickers take Tugg with their leader, the group identified as The Flaming Dragon. Kevin informed everyone that they probably are not even in Vietnam, but are probably in Miyanmar or Laos. Flaming Dragon leader appears to be a small but mischievous child, who admits to ‘Speedman as the actor of his favorite movie “Simple Jack” (which, presumably, is considered in the U.S. as one of the worst films in history) and puts represent all people living in the barracks full movie.Rick will talk to Les Grossman about Tugg contract clause specifying that have installed the TiVo, but there, receive a call asking Flaming Dragon 1 million for the release of Tugg. I refuse to paythis ransom, saying they won more money in life insurance that film Speedman. Lazarus, Kevin, Portnoy and decide to rescue Speedman Alpa with a technique from the original book called “The Jeta Offensive.” After it discovered Cody and Four Leaf Tugg and convince to leave, because this was happy there because there if they valued as an actor. After fleeing to convince dealers in a truck, but the leader being shot with a bazooka. All leave the vehicle, minus Kevin, who is seriously injured. They all run toward the helicopter that was crossing a bridge, but Tugg tells Kirk that the stay, since it has a relationship with them.