Then I will put the excerpts from the little diary I wrote during my stay in Senegal, and that for logistical reasons it was impossible to go hang. Day 1: This is very rare. It does not seem real. Wherever you look, something catches your attention. Dust from roads made, literally, there is little asphalt among some people, not that I’m in very good condition for us to say, the people made entirely of straw and wood. This is tremendous. I left NY at 5 in the afternoon to get me a flight of nearly eight hours under his belt.It was quite comfortable as the car was only half full, so I could move my craving for between the seats and even lie on the center row. That does not mean that rest, and that for some unknown reason, I can not sleep on airplanes. Before I could, not now. I will be doing very old. And it was a pity that most of the flight we did at night, he could well have used that time to rest. If I had known that I expected to get to Dakar, I take a thousand sleeping pills. And is that the arrival was somewhat curious. The airport, even international, such as Menorca is very tiny. The arrivals area is a pair of police booths you passport control (no vaccine) and a guard who picks you up the paper without looking at immigration in the face.In my case I looked, as it was not one of the data needed to enter the country, which was none other than the address. Not idle told him that knew not, but a guy was supposed to come for the airport and surely the know. Since he had no operating phone, the guard grabbed his and I call my contact. Very sooo nice. I finally leave the airport with my suitcase rose a thousand kilos, and as the door step I rush a lot of guys with huge wads of banknotes in their hands, asking if I wanted to change currency. I had been advised of the calico, so I decided to pass and wait for the type of project was with me, so I will not cheat, more than anything. It did not help. I am presented with a type well-dressed, saying something funny (speak Wolof), and I know a little about a project, so I think it is.But no, after a minute I realize my mistake, and I find myself in a back room of the area “commercial” airport, with a little light, and with more people with money in hand. Well, nothing, basting touch. I tell him I just want to change 50, and type a little disappointed, I change about 5 Tima. That FAREM. We left the airport together to search for my driver, and as we walked towards the guy did not ask more than a gratuity (tip, if I cheat just Mamon) to give him a ticket. Since I came to realize where the shots were going to go this month. I finally got in the car with Harouna, one of the drivers of the project, which led me, even with dark, a walk through the suburbs of Dakar. I had to pick one thing. I got through streets of sand and dust, with half-ruined houses and hardly any lighting that was scary to see them.The house they were not bad, but I also needed a thousand reforms. Here, too, made as in Melilla, not steel cut waits in anticipation of continuing to build apartments in the future. After a while, we went to Louga the most dangerous road I remember (this was the first I had seen, so this assessment is updated every time).