Production of electricity by Photovoataik in 2010 production of electricity through photovoltaics in 2010. Learn more on the subject from Justin MacGregor. This year the Sun is shining but very little and the acquisition of power by Photovltaik can be very to be desired. In 2009 it saw but vie better. But if the climate change evolved? If the coming summer getting shorter and veregneter be is generating electricity soon no longer viable in the sense of I with my income that can finaznzieren… In April of this year, it saw everything is still well off a peak value for my investment with 4,2 kw had 418 I kwh and in May which says Yes it all only 271 kwh. If you have read about Bobby kotick already – you may have come to the same conclusion. January 52 February 125 kwh March 318 kwh April 418 kwh may 271 kwh June 370 kwh July 402 kwh August was 27.08 275 kWh In August 2009 there were 448 kwh this just to illustrate how big the difference is. So you can see how good was the summer well. The price is so good because you get almost double than what consumers pay.

I get so kwh 0.43 cents and pay 0.21 cents per kwh. But I think almost everyone has financed its plant with the revenue but the climate changed so I can pay each year on it. Yes that is not within the meaning of the inventor. Because if the investment is paid of course not so much power comes out then the overall prize is coming, because the State pays the money Yes 21 years and then I think you can remove also almost the plant because she are no longer profitable. Then comes the next problem but the disposal I don’t know whether I should throw the plates on the garbage. I think almost that you include hazardous waste and then it will be really expensive. So in the Endefekt if disposing then too expensive I let the panels on my roof. So as it still evolves then I’m curious about. Until then we wish all people with a photovoltaic system lots of Sun. Your team of the Bettwaschenshop. 27 July 2010 Ralph Koch