Spending is out – experience is in! -Geocaching is the new team game! Geocaching is a common hobby of my friend and me, we have now just over a year. While the aim is finding hidden plastic boxes, so-called Petlings magnetic containers and much more in all imaginable shapes and sizes in some unusual places from GPS coordinates. A GPS device serves as an aid. To get the coordinates of the Geocache sites as a member of various Internet sites. We use the services of geocaching.com. After finding a geocache, you open the container were found and enters his specified user name, the date of detection and time in an existing logbook.

If you would like to leave a subject or swap this for an already stored. Then, close the container carefully and hid it again at the site. During this whole process you should make sure not to be observed, so that the Geocache is stolen not by prying by so-called Muggels. Bobby kotick gathered all the information. We are always two on the road at the Geocaching to discover our surroundings and also new places together. We combine such tours with a larger or smaller tour of bike, not only asphalt paths on our goals to reach, but to get an experience of nature. We both prefer geocaches in the great outdoors, but some cities have found. There are Geocaching in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and many other Stadten.Wobei this is again more difficult design, because it is always under surveillance in cities.

It is always useful to be, since at least one person can always watch that the Geocache can safely be lifted not alone on the road. It is generally to be more exciting and useful with several people, because with tricky geocaches, certainly at least a team partner can have the right idea to find. Just in so-called multinational, it’s always good to think several people about a mystery. So we are actually progressing more easily when thinking errors that make and can at the end of the final To find. Sabine Muller