Support the Sales Commission and bonus offers the sales organization for certain services or revenue limits promotion prospects increases motivation. Incentive offers views of higher commissions. The remuneration, the sales organization can create special incentives for the sales of individual products or product tracks. Point accounts in addition to Commission accounts to the promotion of Commission payments to decouple, proven to result in a score in addition to the Commission account of the employee. Points for mediated agreements or special services as booked E.g.

for after sales services and customer support will be on this score. This score is based on transportation. Point account sales organization can provide incentive over the prospect of promotion regardless of the remuneration. Revenue share will be intermediary involved the sales of employee, is an incentive to build up staff to train and lead. New employees are more quickly integrated and are looked after better.

The management team is interested in good people and will contribute to the qualification of the employees. Subsidy of the Group increase be linked bonuses to a certain group turnover, increases the motivation of the sales group. Staff support in the group each other, to achieve a revenue limit, which brings a bonus. Bonuses and competitions special services for example to a specific product over a period of time coupled are to increase the incentive and commitment. Such competitions over a certain period are particularly good to calculate as a bonus will be paid out only upon reaching the targets for the sales organization. Bonus brings motivation over time without affecting the complete Commission system. Minimize cancellation cancellation is always detrimental and there is a risk to pay back commissions, which are still not worthy of. Prevent cancellation means to improve always the customer service. Special commissions in Reinstatement offer incentive for sustainable cancellation processing. Bonus points for customer service allow contact of consultants and customers to consolidate and generate follow-up business. The intermediary inventory Commission receives he is more interested in customer service. Also dynamic commissions and boost commissions for contract changes provide employees with an incentive to improve the customer contact. About FABI’s company was founded in 1988. It developed powerful sales organizations as solutions for the Commission calculation and organization of sales representatives. Sales organizations of from diverse industries are among the users, a focus in the financial services. FABI’s realized practical analysis, design and software development.