DAVID system is views on a new production management solution specifically designed for the medial cooperation at IBC 2010. 7 on the level of 7.G34 and in the Topaz lounge by Microsoft will present its latest solutions in Hall Munich, Germany August 30, 2010 DAVID systems, a leading provider of global broadcast solutions. A highlight of this year’s trade fair presence of DAVID system represents the new medial production system and its integration with third-party applications. The new solution is specifically aimed at the needs of broadcasters and media companies with the claim, to be able to reduce the complexity involved in the production and smooth workflows with different formats, to provide applications and platforms for the medial production and multi-channel distribution. Through the use of a service oriented architecture (SOA), the system combines platform independent thin client with intelligent processes that run in the background.

This proven concept is different between thin clients, services and so-called “Worker” units and allows improved flexibility, integration and scalability through the targeted use of standard technologies, including Microsoft. Due to the new architecture, this system can be used to expand existing installations, including installations, based on DigSystem. The solution can become so over the course of time a basis, providing more flexibility in the future workflow challenges broadcasters and media companies. The result is a dynamic architecture with powerful production capabilities that can take advantage of content providers to market their content better over the entire value chain and the growing number of distribution channels. On the IBC DAVID system based on this new cross-platform media management system shows a typical production workflow for journalists at the projects between Apple Final Cut Pro to the HiRes editing and a new browser based editor of the sub clip for the LoRes Editing will be exchanged. Via the Web-based interface, users can search the database for both Mac and Windows clients and exchange projects between the two platforms. Journalists can editor in the proxy format (LoRes) prepare the rough structure of their story with the help of the sub clip, save the created project in the DAVID system database, and then grant Final Cut Pro workstations access to this project for further processing.

This pre-production allows journalists more creativity, because complexity has been for them reduces also is a seamless exchange with the next step of the HiRes editing in Final Cut Pro ensures. “Our DigSystem is a well established and highly respected solution for content management in the radio and the bi-media production. Our next generation solution extends these capabilities to address the growing needs in the Westdeutscher production. Easy integration in existing installations and connectivity by Tools of important third-party manufacturers and services based on standard technologies were very important in the development of this future-oriented and cross-platform architecture”, says Vincent Benveniste, CEO, DAVID Systems GmbH.”Today’s broadcast solutions must focus on the needs of journalists and with improved possibilities of for cooperation across all platforms enable medial production, Exchange, and reuse of content.” For a live visit demo at IBC 2010 DAVID systems in Hall 7 on stand 7.G34 or at the Microsoft booth at the Topaz lounge. For an individual appointment and more information please contact further information about DAVID systems, its products and services, see.