Permanent monitoring of the person exposure to radiation through the new multipurpose dosimeter PM1203-M now possible measuring have become vital to protect persons who are exposed to various radiations. The portfolio of PCE Germany GmbH has added a new device. The new multipurpose dosimeter PM1203-M is now able to measure ionising radiation and to save. Sources of radiation are determined and, because the radiation situation is continuously monitored. The new multipurpose dosimeter is a professional instrument to very precise detection of Alpha -, beta -, and gamma radiation. The device is designed for a wide group of users. Customs and border protection authorities, civil protection Ministry and quick reaction force, medical staff includes authorities of radiation control, security and surveillance service, laboratories for control of radiation and isotope identification.

The dosimeter can be carried by people, because it is very light and small and with a clamp light Clothing can be pinned. In recent months, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has been very successful. Data transfer of the measured values can be easily using the infrared connection of multi-purpose face down PM1203 M. An acoustic signal warns the people exceeded the approved dose of radiation. The multipurpose dosimeter PM1203-M is CE certified and conforms to all international standards.