Roof repair over time, any roof loses its original appearance. A leading source for info: Mitchel Resnick. And at the same time worsen the performance of this structural element of the building. In some roofing various "Disease" begins before the others – later. The need for roof repair occurs by a variety of reasons: long-term service, and the impact of the environment, errors in the device, use substandard materials for installation of the roof, etc. But anyway, repair roofs – it although unpleasant, but inevitable process.

Repair of roofs: A swelling of the most common problems associated with the repair of roofs – is blistering under the roof membrane, which result in the construction of useless and significantly reduce its service life. The reason for the formation of these bubbles, as a rule, is the regular infiltration of moisture into insulation. And in this case, the solution to the problem of repair of roofs of this type can be only one. This device is a breathable roof, which effectively removes water from the roof membrane pores, thus preventing the accumulation of moisture. One of the most simple, reliable and durable technical solutions to repair bulging roof is a system of "breathing" of the roof, which uses a roofing mat having channels for the removal of water vapor. Repair Metal roofs Metal roofs usually made from galvanized steel. Covered this material, the roof is about 15 years. The main problems that may occur after prolonged use, is the emergence of rust and leaks.

Most often, these roofs repair is carried out with a patch of the same material. Pre-cleaned surface rust, then soldered to the patch. But sometimes you need to change the whole sheets, and it will be more like a montage of all the roof repair side than on the roof: sheets are completely removed and replaced. Carrying out repairing the roof of metal, do not forget to update the fire protection coating for wood items design.