Microprocessor – this is a great integrated circuit, a programmable controlled device. A microprocessor designed to handle digital information. Basic properties – cost due to mass production with standard chips, and economy in application; versatility – it provides a flexible application. Principles of operation of microprocessors is determined by its architecture. Microprocessor architecture is similar to the architecture of the central processing of large electronic computers.

Inferior to the functional complexity and computational capabilities. Advantages: Small size, weight, cost, cost. Microprocessor-based pose microelectronic computers, microcontrollers, microprocessor computing. The microprocessor is not functionally complete unit, used in conjunction with large-scale integrated chip memory devices, input / output registers. In general, these large-scale integrated circuits are microprocessor kit, for which the required approval of large integrated ICs for technical specifications. Specifications CPU: 1) Features that are specific to computer technology – a system of commands, the system priryvany, volume adressuemoy memory. 2) Characteristics of large-scale integrated circuits – is the voltage levels of incoming and outgoing signals, noise immunity, the delay time for signal integrity. Depending on the bit of data may vary with microprocessors fixed number of bits and bit depth scalable.