Once the pasta is ready, drain and act followed (then understand the reason for this comment) is cast in the same pan of sauce. Mix well, sprinkle with a pinch of pepper and ready-to-serve! Buon appetito! Useful tricks (or how to not turn pasta into a mass of reinforced concrete): * use a pot with plenty of water and large: no to stay short of the water, if it is too not passes nothing, but if it is too small, the paste cakes and not just cook well. * Use coarse salt. With salt nor should we come up short, but yes it would be worse to happen, because then there is turning back measures they hold with the experience, but I generally for two people use a litre and a half or even two liters of water and a handful of salt. * As soon as the pasta is cast, then stir with a wooden spoon. Nothing to add oil or weird stuff so the dough does not stick.

If the pasta is of good quality and if occasionally stir not be PEGA! ** If the pasta is Italian, follow the instructions on the package to know how long to leave it in boiling water. Normally do not fail. * As soon as you finish the cooking time, drain the pasta and then season it with sauce. Horrified Italians know that there are people who drain the pasta and let it more than half a second in the colander for us is like a sacrilege. Moreover, it is very typical that call at home when out of work and say check out pasta, which I’ve already gone. I.e., pasta is to make it and eat it right away, not to leave it there waiting for hours. So when it breaks down and becomes an inedible mass well, at least for Italians of pro signed: Nosolopastaypizza original author and source of the article