Simple data recovery and economic East is the motto of Simply Recovery: data recovery is simple and economical for customers. We believe that anyone who has suffered a loss of data is entitled to recover your information without that complex tariffs or price are an impediment. 2 recovery services data (standard or Express) and only 1 price for each regardless of fault or device (hard disks, USB flash drives, memory cards, SIM cards and mobile). Continue to learn more with: lucas london. It’s that easy! (1) Diagnosis and budget free! Call now to 902 002 756 and our commercials will give free diagnosis and budget. (2) Data recovery: we received your device, check if it is viable and will send you a list of recoverable files. After payment, we will send you the information retrieved in a new device, free shipping! Our technical and human resources to ensure recovery of data quality, always working under strict security protocols and confidentiality. Simply Recovery: data recovery simple and inexpensive Tel.: 902-002-756 as easily recover data from the hard drive with Restoration how to recover hard drive data easily with Restoration as recover hard drive data easily with Restoration