When we have access the Internet and we clicamos in link for one determined page, we have that to wait that the server of site lodging sends the archives of the cited page. But it has something that before happens exactly to start download: The server in which the requested site is housed must recognize the order ' ' request' ' of the navigator to show the site. In other words, if this was the time to take care of a phone call, would be the number of touchs before the telephone being taken care of. A slow time of reply can be so irritating for the potential customers as five, eight or 10 touchs of the telephone. To prevent that the visitors ' ' desliguem' ' (they look another site that loads fast more), it knows as the reply time is measured and as it can be improved. As the reply time is measured Much vezez we can until finding that it is our connection that is slow or our proper computer, however, the reply time also depends on the performance of the server of site lodging.

Therefore, the tools that track the activities of the server are the same tools that they can measure the reply speed. The capacity to have access and to interpret the relative data to the reply time will depend on its model of server, that is, where its site is housed. If we use a service of lodging of sites, the measurements of the reply time must be part of the available data. In the truth, reports of time of global reply for lodging services, are emitted by some tool or an independent copyholder. Tools to measure the Time of Reply. When it is treated to measure reply times, the majority of the services transforms the complex data of the server into graphs to understand in an easy way.

Today many available tools exist gratis online, below link for two of these. or Problems of reply time still Coming back the analogy of the telephone, when we bind for a telephone number and the same it is calling, calling and nobody takes care of, with each touch is more attemped to place the phone in the hook mainly if we will be binding for a company. In the same way, the potential customers if become more inclined to go for the site of the competitor, with each as that he passes waiting that the server sends the answers to the navigator. Therefore, if its time of reply is routinely bigger that 2-3 seconds (the average is of about 1,0 second), we have that to take measured to reduce this time. To identify to problems If the reply time is slow, almost certainly exists problems with the server. We will need specialized aid of the lodging service. If we detect slow times of reply through a service of third, the team or lodging service can not have the same data. The solution of problems of reply time valley the effort. If the customers cannot have access our site with rapidity and easiness, much less goes to be inclined to acquire the product or service.