The FingerHaus GmbH from Frankenberg receives credit certificate CrefoZert the FingerHaus GmbH was awarded the credit certificate CrefoZert by Creditreform Kassel Dr. Schlegel KG and is thus one of a total of 853 certified companies nationwide. Creditreform certifies an extraordinarily good credit rating the company from Frankenberg. CrefoZert documented the creditworthiness of companies. As an instrument for the representation of the company’s situation, it strengthens its position in negotiations with potential business partners. With the CrefoZert we would allow companies in Northern Hesse, to document their own credit to customers, suppliers and banks”, as Thomas Schlegel, CEO of Creditreform Kassel Dr.

Schlegel KG. Despite economic recovery, the risks of the euro crisis in the field of view remain as risk aversion on pages of suppliers and lenders remain high. This development brings a tightening of criteria for the risk management. In this economic environment, it is therefore all the more more valuable to be able to document the creditworthiness of the company by the CrefoZert and so specifically to build up confidence.” Certification process CrefoZert based the opinion of creditworthiness in the framework of certification by CrefoZert on a professional financial statements analysis by Creditreform rating AG a BFin certified subsidiary of Creditreform AG., In addition, current credit information from the Creditreform come economic database, as well as assessments of the current situation and the future prospects of the candidates, which are determined in a personal interview. The certificate to companies which have a good to excellent business credit, and especially a good to very good balance sheet credit is awarded. Considered as the insolvency risk of the company as well as its ability to meet payment obligations on time. The annual accounts submitted to the examination must not be more than ten months. In addition, a survey of corporate management can be no relevant risk suspect.

The certificate is valid one year, provided that the award criteria are complied. A certificate of this kind is a confirmation that we offer solid services for us and our clients. That creates trust with our customers. “, so Dr. Mathias Schafer, Managing Director of FingerHaus GmbH. The current status is at any time crefozert lookup under.