All the webmaster who wants to monetize your site sooner or later think about Google Adsense. There are many methods to make money online, but Adsense is the most profitable. To gain access to an Adsense account several requirements must be met: 1. possess a web site. 2 Be more than 18 years. 3 Comply with Adsense policies.

4 That the website has more than 6 months there. For the web site I recommend to buy a domain, it will be an investment of approximately $10 a year but we will give you an air of seriousness to our project.The hosting is charged separately and its cost is variable. It ranges between $2 and $10 per month, depending on the chosen company. I personally prefer HostGator, for the price, quality and quantity of services. Concerning item comply with Adsense policies, referring for example to not promote violence, drugs, or pornography on the web site. Point number 4 is not always required, some accounts of Adsense enabled them to taking less than 6 months. In my case approved the account when my web site had only one month of having been created.

This call for it since many people open up new web sites, working them a couple of months and then get tired by that never returns to be updated. The important thing is to give signals that we update our page or blog with some regularity. Sometimes they do not accept an account by some minimal detail, in my case initially was not accepted by that I put a wrong fact in the direction. Once solved the problem is forwarded the request and quickly approved it. They must have very clear all data since they send checks to our registered office. Although there is an option to be able to collect directly in Western Union, but only in branches that have Quick Cash.