Writing articles is intended to generate traffic, they should not be written like a sales letter. Write and submit articles can generate an enormous amount of traffic and you can create a good income if you do it correctly. If you are starting a small business and want to make money online, the articles are a path to choose. Is it because? Because the traffic generated by sending articles is specific, i.e., looking for something related to the article. Those who do click on the information link are looking for more you can offer. To see good amounts of traffic and sell, you need to write at least one article a day. Before seeing decent results had better have at least 200 items shipped to the best articles directories.

The process is slow at the beginning and about six months you start to realize increased traffic and sales generated by the articles that you sent. Only be concentrated and keep writing more and more articles will give its fruits later, in a few cases, years after starting. If you are looking for a way to make quick money, write and submit articles to directories is not the answer. If you’re constantly and keep quality, sooner or later you will receive big profits.