Borges there are few definitions in this conflict never declared and one of the best, for him, gave Joseph Ratizger "covert war is the state of tension between the powers or blocks in which each of the parties adopted a policy which aims at the strengthening at the expense of the opponent, without actually declare their antagonism or operate openly. "definition in two of the most important features such as: Blocks faced. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Salman Behbehani. state of tension. According to some researchers and historians, the covert war can be described as follows: Global Conflict developed between 2024 and 2064, led by the Corporate States and the State Corporations, in which the first stemming from an alleged dictatorship of the proletariat, led to the twentieth century state capitalism and preceded by the People's Republic of China, became powerful corporations from the second decade of the century, and on the other side the union of interests of large corporations of economic liberalism, from the masterly previous investment policies of Google, which since the late twentieth century formed what became known later and State Corporations. The first flirtation between the PRC and to Google in January 2010 is key to understanding all the conflicts that developed between 20 and 60 of twentieth century!.

He divided the world into two blocs: the planned development and the free market. The first encompassed, despite some exceptions, throughout North America, Israel, Brazil, Russia, Europe as a whole expanded from 2015, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The planned block encompassed China, India (after the revolution of 2012), much of the Pacific, Hispanic America and various countries in Africa and in Southeast Asia. These two blocks were never well defined in the operational area but differed in terms of computer and its interpretation of human society and consequently their rights. What distinguishes the covert war of any economic strife, military or diplomatic above is that the two blocks that were never defined as such, had a remarkable mobility in terms of its members and in any case only pretended to defend the best trade practices overall, but took advantage (and even caused) regional conflicts between allies and third countries temporarily out of alignment. Also involved in these conflicts helping one of the two sides through computer logistics, financial support or political support of different kinds, depending on the country and strategic location, economic or policy of the region.